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The Void Elves Stand Ready

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AllianceThe Void Elves Stand Ready

120 (Requires 120)




11g 70s


A [120] Our Next Target



Speak with Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth and travel to Xibala.


Bal'a dash, <name>. Alleria and the others have informed me of your many accomplishments here in Kul Tiras.

I'm honored to join you on this mission. As a representative for the void elves, I am eager to prove to King Anduin that his trust in us was well-placed.

Forgive me, do not allow me to delay you.

Alleria and the others can brief me on the mission as we travel. You may tell the Grand Admiral that we are ready to set sail whenever you like.


You will receive:

  • 11g 70s
  • 8,930 XP


My trackers have already scouted the area and prepared a full report for us. You and I may begin our phase of the mission immediately.


On accept:

Magister Umbric says: High Commander, I've arranged for a regiment of my finest scouts and assassins to meet us in Xibala.
Halford Wyrmbane says: Thank you, Magister Umbric. How long will it take them to meet us there?
Magister Umbric says: They'll be waiting on the shore when we arrive, with a full scouting report of the area.
Magister Umbric says: I'll travel with you on this vessel so that we may plan our strategy in the meantime.
Halford Wyrmbane says: Impressive. Thank you, Magister.

Umbric has some gossip:

I am grateful for this opportunity to prove the value of the ren'dorei to our cause.
We will do whatever it takes to ensure the Alliance's success.

Gossip What is your role in this campaign, magister?

As a magister, my duty has always been to Silvermoon and its people. When the mad Arthas devastated our lands, I knew we must harness every power available to ensure our survival.
Prince Kael'thas proposed one way. I sought out another.

Gossip So you sought the power of shadow?

My followers and I felt no loyalty to the Horde. When Grand Magister Rommath forbade our Void research, we did not hesitate to break away and follow our own path.
But hubris got the best of me. I was certain I could master any force we encountered.
I was so wrong...

Gossip The Void nearly claimed you?

I led us right into the ethereals' trap. If not for Alleria Windrunner's intervention, we would have been lost.
As it was, the shadow energies transformed us... and opened our minds to the whispers of the Void. Without Alleria's guidance, we would have fallen into madness.
She has helped us quiet our minds. Dampen the whispers. It is a constant struggle.

Gossip Now you fight for the Alliance.

We do not stand with the Alliance out of convenience. Nor is it a mere gesture of thanks to Alleria.
Our ordeal has taught us the importance of great powers being in the right hands. We could not allow the Horde to know the things we know, or to use us as a weapon in their schemes.
We fight for the Alliance because we believe in its values. And one day, I pray we will bring all of Silvermoon back into the fold.

On approach:

Magister Umbric says: My people are ready, <name>. For the Alliance.


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