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The Warlord and the Monk

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The Warlord and the Monk

The Warlord and the Monk can be found on the south side of the upper level of the Scrollkeeper's Sanctum in the Temple of the Jade Serpent in the Jade Forest.

The Warlord and the Monk

Once, a marauding mogu warlord rose in power to threaten the Jade Forest.

"I will rebuild the mogu empire!" He proclaimed before the gates of the Temple of the Jade Serpent. "And your kind will again be made to serve."

From the battlements, a single monk's voice called down: "How many mogu do you bring to challenge us?"

"I have brought my army of one hundred mogu!" the warlord proudly challenged.

"But behind these walls we have five hundred," spoke the monk with confidence.

The mogu army shuffled and began to question their leader. Doubt filled their hearts and the army ran away.

The Warlord was furious! He left the temple and sought out his mogu allies. After long arguments, threats, promises, and praises, the mogu again raised their army.

Before the gates of the Temple of the Jade Serpent the mogu warlord called out: "I bring six hundred mogu to challenge your pitiful five hundred defenders."

From the battlements, a single monk voice called out: "Did we mention that for each of our monks, we have one full grown, mogu-eating serpent? They are ever so hungry."

At this the mogu army broke apart again, doubting their resolve and running deep into the land.

Again the Warlord was furious! He tried again to rally his troops. It took many years but he returned, this time with a mighty legion of mogu and quilen and weapons pilfered from the tombs of their ancient emperors.

"Kneel, supplicants!" shouted the Warlord. "I bring one thousand mogu and five hundred quilen to your gates. I have weapons of magic and dark powers to call upon."

From the battlements, a single monk voice responded: "And have you found our spy yet? He is ever so clever."

At this the mogu legion turned on each other violently. Each always suspected someone else of being a traitor or a spy. Among the mogu there is no trust, only strength and force.

War waged before the temple as the mogu destroyed themselves, unleashing the full weight of their doubt, anger, fear, hatred, violence and despair.

When the smoke cleared, only the Warlord remained before the gates. He had slain many of his former allies, and was left with no friends to help him claim his throne.

From the temple a single pandaren monk stepped out, surveyed the battle scene, and began to sweep up the mess.

"Where is your army?" the Warlord demanded.

"You brought it with you," said the monk with a smile. "My friend, if you must strike the first blow, you have already lost."

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