The White Pawn (beta)

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For the live version, see A [86] The White Pawn.
AllianceThe White Pawn

85 (Requires 85)




 [Partially Soaked Pages] and
Item level 372 headwear
9g 80s



Search the sunken ship for 4 clues about the White Pawn.

  • Clues found x4


Well, this isn't looking good, <name>!

We have good reason to believe the Prince made it to shore, but when the crew came to recover him, he was already missing!

Anything could have happened, but let's not jump to conclusions.

We must follow procedure and investigate the evidence.

I need you to comb over the ship for clues. Let me know what you find.


Depending on your class and specialization you will get one of the following items:
Inv misc questionmark.png Scavenger's Leather Helm Inv misc questionmark.png Scavenger's Ringmail Helm
Inv misc questionmark.png [Scavenger's Chain Helm] Inv misc questionmark.png Scavenger's Burnished Headcover
Inv misc questionmark.png Scavenger's Silk Cowl Inv misc questionmark.png Scavenger's Armored Helm
Inv misc questionmark.png Scavenger's Satin Hood Inv misc questionmark.png Scavenger's Heavy Helm
Inv misc questionmark.png Scavenger's Hide Helm

You will also receive:


Find anything?




On deck by the stairs below deck
Below deck in the first room
Hanging on the wall to the back room
On the sand under the broken hull
The Partially Soaked Pages are in here

On accept:

Nodd Codejack says: Hey rookie, take this diving helmet. You might need it out there.
Nodd buffs players with 'Diving Helmet: Standard SI:7 issue. Grants water breathing and swim speed while performing SI:7 missions.'

Pick up A [85] Sunken Junk and A [85] Thinning the Herd before heading out. Kill Tideborne cows and/or bulls, loot junk off the ground, then go scour the ship. Get on deck, head forward and look for stairs leading below deck near the bow. On deck is an Alliance Bodyguard:

Alliance Bodyguard
This soldier is not like the others. He looks like a personal bodyguard.

Head below deck. In the very first room is the fine leather journal:

Fine Leather Journal
Monogrammed on the leather cover are the initials, "A.L.W."

Keep heading back in the ship. The banner is hanging on a wall and the naval map is on the sand beneath the ship (but still accessible from inside):

Naval Map
The map shows a naval strategy for defeating the Horde fleet.
Alliance Banner
The King's royal banner. Someone of royal blood certainly slept in this chamber.

In the last room is the chest:

Royal Alliance Chest
You find a stack of Partially Soaked Pages, written in the Prince's Hand. You'd better take them back to Nodd.

On complete:

Nodd Codejack says: The letter you found in the chest is proof! Proof, yes, that there was a survivor! We must find them.

Contents of the Partially Soaked Pages:

Partially Soaked Pages

<Most of the pages are soaked in water. You can make out a few passages.>

Day 35

The battle is more fearsome than I could have imagined.

All around us, I hear the booming of Horde artillery.

Their shells rain upon the deck above, and the screams of the crew are drowned out only by the roar of return fire.

Admiral Taylor bade me hide here, in the hold, until the fighting ceases.

They have posted guards outside my door.

I feel restless. I should be out there, helping them!

Day 39

Those that did not perish in the initial battle were lost in the ensuing storm.

As our battered ships fought their way through rain and fog, the most critically injured succumbed to their injures.

I did what I could to staunch their wounds, but it was not enough.

Why am I always too late to save my friends?

Day 40

I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of a great, loud noise, like thunder.

The ship was running aground on the rocks.

The ship groaned and listed, and shouts and screams erupted on deck.

I rushed to the door of my cabin, but my bodyguard locked me inside.

There is nothing I can do now but wait.

Day 43

The Sapphire has washed up on an unfamiliar shore. The ship is still, and all around me, I hear silence.

No one has come for me, and I fear that the crew is dead.

The cabin is filling with water, so I must find away out soon.

If any Alliance soldier finds this, know that I, Prince Anduin Wrynn, am alive.

I am going to travel inland and search for food and air.

Please tell my father that I am well.


  1. A [85] The Missing Admiral & A [86] The Mission Continues
  2. A [85] The White Pawn & A [85] Sunken Junk & A [85] Thinning the Herd
  3. A [85] Explosive Evidence
  4. A [86] Without a Trace

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