The Zandalar Agreement

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The Zandalar Agreement

The Zandalar Agreement is a banner found at various locations on the Isle of Thunder, serving as another Edict of the Thunder King.

Hear now the edict of the Thunder King!

With my resurrection, the Zandalari have repaid an ancient debt. Our fates are ever intertwined. As their empire falls, so ours shall rise again. They have pledged ships, soldiers, and beasts to our cause. Once we have reclaimed our lands, they will be granted generous holdings along the northern coast.

Our allies may be small, but do not dismiss their strength or skills with the arcane arts. They have experience fighting these "Horde" and "Alliance" invaders that will be of use to us.

United, trolls and mogu will achieve untold power over the lesser creatures. We will build as it once was, and was always destined to be!


Isle of Thunder map
Beast Pens entrance from Emperor's Gate @ 52.7,46.4
Conqueror's Terrace entrance from Emperor's Gate @ 54.9,50.1
Stormsea Landing entrance from Conqueror's Terrace @ 63.5,47.7
Za'Tual southern entrance from Diremoor @ 41.5,65.4

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