There Can Be Only One Response

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HordeThere Can Be Only One Response

68 (Requires 65)




H [68] Inform Leoroxx!

There Can Be Only One Response sends the adventurer to kill the Razaan's Landing's leader and retreive the Mok'Nathal souls he stole.


Leoroxx has beseeched you to retrieve the  [Collection of Souls] and return them to Spiritcaller Dohgar at Mok'Nathal Village in the Blade's Edge Mountains.

You will need:


There can be only one response to this... this, DEFILEMENT of the souls of our ancestors!

<name>, if you would aid us to restore the souls of our honored dead to their rightful place, go back to Razaan's Landing.

Go back up there and kill the razaani until their leader, Nexus-Prince Razaan shows his cowardly face. Kill him and get those souls back, and then give them over to Spiritcaller Dohgar!


  • There's a circular gate standing in the middle of Razaan's Landing. You will need to kill many ethereals to power up the gate (approximately 12-15). You should be able to tell how close the gate is to summoning Razaan by how active the energy is around the gate.
  • Eventually the gate will open and Nexus-Prince Razaan will step out, yelling about his operations stopping. He will slowly walk from the gate to the edge of the camp. He will then turn around and walk back. If he reaches the gate, he will despawn and you will need to kill more ethereals to resummon.
  • Once Razaan is dead, a floating cube will appear. Right-click on the cube to get the  [Collection of Souls]. The souls are not on Razaan's corpse.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv shoulder 24.png [Mok'Nathal Mantle] Ability druid predatoryinstincts.png [Spiritcaller's Mask]
Inv pants mail 01.png [Mok'Nathal Hero's Pantaloons] Inv belt 23.png [Belt of the Soul Saver]


Have you done it? Are the souls of our ancestors safely recovered from the evil of the ethereals?


Good that the ethereal filth and their leader are dead. I wish a thousand plagues upon their brethren!

You are to be rewarded for you actions on behalf of all of the Mok'Nathal, <name>! You are truly one of our heroes.

Let us now release the souls of our ancestors to the cleansing fire.


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