These Hills Sing

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  • 5 Achievement points
  • These Hills Sing
  • Enjoy an Unforgettable Luncheon at a special location in Stormsong Valley.
The proper location

These Hills Sing is awarded to players who use  [An Unforgettable Luncheon] at [41.2, 69.5] at the top of Widow's Peak marked with a rug and pillows above Briarback Kraul and Sprucewood in Stormsong Valley. The peak is most-easily accessible from the southwest.

Some specific pointers:

  • Dismount
  • Stay standing
  • Stand on the carpet

A Luncheon can be acquired from the Discarded Lunchbox at [58.2, 63.7] in Brennadam and (after looting the Lunchbox) from the following vendors:

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