They Took Me Pants!

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AllianceThey Took Me Pants!

84 (Requires 84)


 [Sack of Grain]
13g 15s 50c



Find Bahrum's legguards.


Why I be standing in the grain crate? Long story short, there were hornets and some Dragonmaw that showed up at a bad time. I got away safely, but the bastards took off with me leggings!

My sister made those for me from scratch, even engraved my name on... I would die of shame if she found out I lost 'em.

Please find 'em for me - I saw the pant thief going into that fortress over there. I'm going to stay here for *ahem* cover.

And don't be asking what a Wildhammer wears under his kilt!


You will receive: 13g 15s 50c

Inv misc bag 10.png [Sack of Grain]


Have you found 'em yet? This grain is pretty itchy.


Thank you! Now turn around so I can put'em on.


Head inside the orc fortress and run upstairs. On the top floor at [62.3, 47.1] is Gorosh the Pant Stealer. Kill him and return to Bahrum.

On complete:

Bahrum puts on his pants and jumps out of the box.
Bahum Forgehammer says: Now I can return with dignity!
He runs back to Ella.
Bahrum Forgehammer says: I'm back, Sis!
Ella Forgehammer says: Thank heavens! It's so good to see... Why are your pants on backwards?
Bahrum runs off.


  1. A [84] Firebeard's Patrol
  2. A [84] Welcome Relief / A [84] The Only Homes We Have
  3. A [84] Honorable Bearing
  4. Complete all of:
    • The Mullans
    1. A [84] Clan Mullan
    2. A [84] The Fighting Spirit / A [84] The Scent of Battle
    3. A [84] The Loyalty of Clan Mullan
    • The Doyles
    1. A [84] Stubborn as a Doyle
    2. A [84] The Fate of the Doyles
    • The Firebeards
    1. A [84] Firebeard Bellows
    2. Complete all of:
    3. A [84] Somethin' for the Boys
  5. A [84] Personal Request
  6. A [84] Dropping the Hammer

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