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Image of Thol'embaar
Title <The Incinerator>
Gender Male
Race Molten giant (Elemental)
Level 81
Health 74374
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The Inferno, Mount Hyjal
Thol'embaar in the TCG.

Thol'embaar is a fire elemental lord. His true name, Vol'talo Thol'embaar, has considerable power, and the character learns it during the quest N [81] The Name Never Spoken to help defeat him. During N [81] Black Heart of Flame, the character summons Thol'embaar and defeats him, ending the fire elemental threat to the Grove of Aessina.


  • Flame Stomp - Deals 133 to 161 Fire damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back.
  • Ring of Fire - Sears nearby enemies for 400 fire damage every 5 seconds.

Objective of


  • Fool of a mortal. Flesh burns.
  • Others will come... the age of mortals... has passed.

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