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NeutralThought Collection

110 (Requires 110)




19g 40s



Interrogate the Captured Wyrmtongue in the structure just north of the tower in Deadwind Pass.


While I examine these samples further, I ask that you seek out one of our patrols in the structure to the north. It appears they've captured one of the demons.

Go, interrogate it. Find out anything you can. And hurry! I'm afraid time is no longer an ally.


You will receive: 19g 40s


Has it been handled, <name>?


This information is just what we needed.



Approach the area
Kirin Tor Mage says: Ah, the interrogator has arrived. You'd best tell <him/her> what you know, demon!
Captured Wyrmtongue
<Snorting, slurring his words as he speaks.>
No! Friend must not hurt Rezzle!
Gossip What are you doing here?
Rezzle following mistress' orders!
Rezzle only gather samples for magic.
Gossip Magic? What kind of magic?
Rezzle not know magic, friend. Rezzle only carry things!
If Rezzle learn magic, Rezzle no gather samples for mistress...
<Smirking wildly.>
Rezzle make own magic.
Gossip So, you're a servant?
Yes... YES! Rezzle serve well! Rezzle serve...
<The demon glances around nervously.>
Gossip I don't have time for games! Tell me of your master.
Gossip I have no use for you, demon!
Mistress ordered to keep mortals out of tower. Her master needs tower for VERY big magic. In Burning Legion, even masters have masters!
Gossip Where is this master you speak of located?
Mistress deep in dirt beneath tower.
Mistress always busy, but makes time for Rezzle.
Now... Rezzle scared to go back! What if Mistress thinks Rezzle turned traitor?
Gossip You'd better be telling the truth, Rezzle!
Captured Wyrmtongue says: Rezzle glad to help friend. See, Rezzle not bad demon!


  1. N [110D] Edict of the God-King
  2. N [110] Unwanted Evidence
  3. N [110D] Uncovering Orders
  4. N [110] Aura of Uncertainty
  5. N [110] Return to Karazhan
  6. N [110] Finite Numbers & N [110] Holding the Lines & N [110] Corruption Runs Deep
  7. N [110] Thought Collection
  8. N [110] Demon in Disguise
  9. N [110] The Power of Corruption
  10. N [110D] Return to Karazhan: In the Eye of the Beholder & N [110D] Fragments of the Past

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