Thrall's unnamed child

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HordeThrall's unnamed child
No image available
Gender Unknown
Race Orc
Location Nagrand
Status Alive

Sarrak (great-grandmother)
Ryal (grandmother)
Thrall (father)
Aggra (mother)
Durak (brother)
Durotan (grandfather)
Draka (grandmother)
Lokra & Karg Bloodfury
Ga'nar (great-uncle)
Rhakish (great-great-grandfather)
Garad (great-grandfather)
Geyah (great-grandmother)
Kelkar (great-grandfather)
Zuura (great-grandmother)
Fenris Wolfbrother (great-uncle)

Hatock, Grotan, Skal (second-cousins)

Thrall and Aggra have at least one more unnamed child of unknown gender living in Nagrand with their brother, Durak.[1]

Aggra was pregnant during the trial of Garrosh Hellscream after the Siege of Orgrimmar.[2]

The child had apparently been born by the time of the war in Draenor. Aggra stayed behind on Azeroth to care for their children,[3][4] but she later joined Thrall on Draenor.


  • As of Battle for Azeroth, the child would be 2-3 years old.
  • In 2019, Chris Metzen privately commissioned an artwork of Thrall's family from Alex Horley depicting Thrall, Aggra, Durak, and an unnamed girl.[5][6] Metzen likes to think the girl is named "Gaia", after Greatmother Geyah, although he never wrote that down during his time at Blizzard.[7] however, this artwork is not canonical as it was a personal artist commission, and had no official involvement from Blizzard.
    • In N [85] Elemental Bonds: Desire, Thrall's desire to have children is represented by a vision of a boy and a girl, supporting the idea that the child is female.


Fan art


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