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Image of Three-Tooth
Gender Female
Race Quilboar
Level 33 Elite
Class Druid
Health 3,852
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Bristleback tribe
Location Southern Barrens[53.0, 50.0]
Status Killable

Three-Tooth is what the Bristleback quilboar call their matriarch. She's been twisting the thorns of this crazy jungle to her own ends, and it was her orders that Ambassador Gaines be "torn apart and fed to the overgrowth." Corporal Teegan orders to kill her and the Deviate Crones she's been training, to ensure nobody else can take her place.


Objective of


  • Three-Tooth says: EeeKKeech - it stings! It crushes! He tricked us, kills him, kill!
  • Three-Tooth says: Eekrala gree-kay. By blood and by thorn...
  • Three-Tooth says: New life from clay. Dead earth... reborn.
  • Three-Tooth says: They come... <Snort> Pretty <race>, yes? So pretty...

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