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Image of Thrym
Title <The Hope Ender>
Race Flesh titan (Undead)
Level 80 Elite
Health 630,000
Location Zul'Drak

Thrym is a level 80 elite flesh titan found in Zul'Drak. He patrols from the border of Crystalsong Forest to the second tier.

Thrym was created from the corpses of local storm giants by Prince Navarius, a San'layn warlord who resides in Zul'Drak. During N [76] The Storm King's Vengeance, Thrym disappears until Navarius is killed, in which case he will attack.

Objective of


After killing Prince Navarius:


On aggro


Notes and trivia

  • Thrym is one of the tallest creatures in World of Warcraft and can easily be seen from very far away. Other mobs that can be seen from this distance are for example; the Iron Colossus and Putridus the Ancient.
  • Thrym's name is based off of the giant in Norse mythology that was particularly known for stealing Thor's hammer, Mjölnir.

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