Thunder (mushan)

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For the item, see  [Thunder].
Image of Thunder
Gender Male
Race Mushan (Beast)
Level 86
Health 276,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Heartland, Valley of the Four Winds
Status Alive

Thunder is a mushan located at the Halfhill in Valley of the Four Winds. The beast is owned by Haohan Mudclaw.

Haohan brings Thunder to Sunsong Ranch to get rid of the large boulder, shortly after completing N [90] Growing the Farm III: The Mossy Boulder. Thunder is seen repeatedly charging at the large boulder, to make way for your 13th to 16th plots of farm.

The Untamed Valley

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Thunder is having some indigestion problems and Old Hillpaw adviced Haohan Mudclaw to give it some oil, without knowing that Mung-Mung already did. Thunder later participated in the defense against the dark shaman with Mung-Mung riding him. He managed to take out of the shamans and pushed one of them in the pools. He along with the others survived the night.

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