Thunderdrome: Grudge Match!

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AllianceThunderdrome: Grudge Match!

49 (Requires 47)






 [Dreadshredder Cloak],
 [Kelsey's Necklace], or
 [Thunderdrome Ring]
2g 10s (+58s 50c at max level)



Defeat Megs Dreadshredder.

  • Megs Dreadshredder Defeated
  • Suggested players: 3


It seems we have a special request! I have here a note from one Kelsey Steelspark, requesting to enter the cage and settle a dispute.

She's asked for you to be her partner, <name>. A fan of your previous victories? Or perhaps you're acquainted outside the ring?

I wouldn't back down now if I were you. This is the grand finale...


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv jewelry ring 46.png [Thunderdrome Ring] Inv misc enggizmos 12.png [Kelsey's Necklace]
Inv misc cape 20.png [Dreadshredder Cloak]
You will also receive
2g 10s (+58s 50c at max level)


Fantastic. I might challenge you to a duel myself someday.


Dr. Dealwell says: Into the Thunderdrome, (player)! There's no getting out until someone's hit the sand. Let's start the show!
Megs Dreadshredder says: You've gotten in my way one too many times, gnome.
Kelsey Steelspark says: You have fully depleted my patience as well.
Megs Dreadshredder says: There isn't room in this town for both of us!
Kelsey Steelspark says: I will attemt to no take undue pleasure in utterly destroying you.
Megs Dreadshredder yells: BRING IT, PIPSQUEAK!
Megs Dreadshredder yells: You think you're clever, don't you, ganging up on me like this... well, prepare to face: THE DREADSHREDDER!
Megs Dreadshredder yells: You think you're all brave facing me, eh, Steelsparks?! Those pig tails won't protect you from THE DOOMSAW!
Kelsey Steelspark yells: Ack! Not the face!
Kelsey Steelspark yells: Whaaaa!!!!!

Kelsey Steelspark starts running around the arena, being chased by Megs and a pair of sawblades from the shredder. Upon killing the shredder, both Kelsey and Megs return to the center of the arena and Kelsey says the following:

Kelsey Steelspark says: You can be sure to tell Gallywix not to underestimate Gnomeregan anymore.
Kelsey Steelspark says: Until next time, Megs. Don't forget today's lesson.

At this point, Dr. Dealwell yells the following:

Dr. Dealwell yells: And that's that, folks! This conflict's been settled the proper way, with VIOLENCE! Let's hear it for our contestants!

A couple of seconds later he also yells one of the following as a random final yell (they are actually used upon player death inside the arena, it seems to be a bug)

Dr. Dealwell yells: They went down like a sack of orc skulls!
Dr. Dealwell yells: OOOF! That one's gonna require the "scraper."
Dr. Dealwell yells: The challenger has been defeated!
Dr. Dealwell yells: All that's left of the challenger is a red stain on the floor!
Dr. Dealwell yells: Avert your eyes, ladies and gentlemen! It's a bloodbath!
Dr. Dealwell yells: OUTTA NOWHERE -- WHAMO! DEAD!

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