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For the clan from the main universe, see Thunderlord clan.
HordeThunderlord clan
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The Thunderlord clan is an orc clan that lives in Frostfire Ridge. The clan is known for their excellent hunters, who are specialized in hunting down (and even taming) rylaks and other beasts, and even gronn and magnaron.

The Thunderlords migrate every season,[2] much like how the Frostwolf clan migrate between Frostfire and Nagrand. They accept orcs not born into their clan and allow these outsiders to fight alongside them and earn their place,[3] even to the point of having been led by one born of the Frostwolf clan.[1]

Their fiercest warriors are their clefthoof-riders.[4]

They are rumored to use strange weapons called "blades of omen" that can change size.[5]

They were among the clans to join the Horde following the Mag'har allied race questline.[6]


The Thunderlords are the greatest big game hunters in all of Draenor. For centuries they have used riding beasts and coordinated assaults to slay game and gronn alike. Their clan draws their name from an ancient chieftain who single-handedly slew a powerful gronn at the pinnacle of Thunder Peak.[7]

It is rumored that the last of Draenor's colossals was taken down by the Thunderlord clan generations ago, and that the clan built their home in its corpse.[8] Similar skeletons can be found at Colossal's Fall and Agurak's Fall. The Thunderlord regard Colossal's Fall as a sacred location, claiming it was their clan who felled that Colossal many decades ago.[9]

In ancient times the Thunderlords were enslaved by the ogres of Frostfire. During this time of enslavement, the Thunderlords would come to revere a warrior named Brakor as a hero. At an unknown point in history, the Thunderlords successfully rebelled against their ogre masters and secured their freedom.

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Like the other orc clans, the Thunderlord clan received the call of orcish unity from the Iron Horde and despite the Frostwolf Orcs' best efforts, the Thunderlords answered the call.

As members of the Iron Horde the clan supplied their allies with beasts such as rylak and gronn. After the fall of the Bladespire citadel, the clan besieged Wor'gol, the Frostwolves' home, but were pushed back by the Frostwolves and their new allies in the Horde. Following the assault on Wor'gol Ga'nar's impatience took over and he decided to seek justice for his clan by killing and humiliating the sons of Iron Wolf — Hatock, Grotan and Skal.

The clan stroke back at Stonefang Outpost but underestimated the village's resilience.[10] Despite this, many Frostwolves were taken prisoners in the Boneslag.[11] Moreover, Karg Bloodfury was transported to Grom'gar. His release brought death of other members of the clan.[12] Seeking to put an end to the Thunderlord the Frostwolf clan and the Horde would move in and stroke back at their leader, the Iron Wolf. To the shock of the Frostwolf clan the Iron Wolf turned out to be Fenris Wolfbrother Durotan's and Ga'nar's older brother. Refusing to surrender Fenris engaged his former clansmen and their new allies in a fierce fight and was ultimately slain.

After The Iron Wolf's defeat, the alliance of Thunderlord clan and the Iron Horde attempted to reach the Thunder Pass, however, the Frostwolf clan awaited and stooped the progression. The battle led to Malgrim's and many other orcs' death. Finally, Drek'Thar closed the pass forever.[13]

Despite their heavy losses, the Thunderlord clan remained a part of the Iron Horde. They led several beasts for the Iron Horde in the operation and trained some gronns for the most important orcs, as Durn who protects Garrosh.

After Gul'dan's defeat, it is assumed the Thunderlord join the rest of Draenor in recovery.

Following the allied race questline to enlist the Draenor orcs into the Horde, Thunderlord orcs are seen in Orgrimmar.[14]



Name Role Status Location
 Fenris Wolfbrother Chieftain Killable[15] Hall of the Great Hunt, Frostfire Ridge
 Ger'hel Fenris's mate Unknown Unknown
 Malgrim Stormhand Fenris's second-in-command Killable Thunder Pass, Frostfire Ridge
 Hatock the Gronnmaster Fenris's eldest son Killable Grulloc's Lair, Frostfire Ridge
 Grotan the Herald Fenris's son Killable Daggermaw Ravine, Frostfire Ridge
 Skal the Trapper Fenris's son Killable Daggermaw Ravine, Frostfire Ridge
 Brakor Legendary Thunderlord hero Deceased Unknown
 Beastlord Darmac Beast Trainer Killable Blackrock Foundry, Gorgrond
 Warleader Gargrak Warleader Killable Pool of Visions, Frostfire Ridge
 Yaga the Scarred Killable Daggermaw Ravine, Frostfire Ridge
 Giant-Slayer Kul Killable Coldsnap Bluffs, Frostfire Ridge
 Skylord Tovra Commander of Aerial Iron Horde forces Killable Grimrail Depot, Gorgrond
 Sky-Singer Strag Shaman Killable Colossal's Fall, Frostfire Ridge
 Kurgthuk the Merciless Taskmaster Killable Colossal's Fall, Frostfire Ridge
 Gronnstalker Rokash Former member Alive Colossal's Fall, Frostfire Ridge, later Frostwall
 Gronnstalker Korhol Lieutenant of Gargrak Killable Wor'gol, Frostfire Ridge
 Beastmaster Trokar Lieutenant of Gargrak Killable Wor'gol, Frostfire Ridge
 Giantslayer Zhakta Lieutenant of Gargrak Killable Wor'gol, Frostfire Ridge
 General Vul'gath General Killable Agurak's Fall, Frostfire Ridge
 Aggar Thunder-Reaver Champion Killable Frostwall, Frostfire Ridge
 Lorka Stormcaller Champion Killable Frostfire Ridge
 Garnok Gronn-Killer Champion Killable Frostfire Ridge
 Shaka Beaststalker Champion Killable Frostfire Ridge
 Hunter Bal'ra Killable Everbloom Wilds, Gorgrond
 Ra'ka Bloodspear Killable Darktide Roost, Shadowmoon Valley
 Captain Killrath Killable Darktide Roost, Shadowmoon Valley
 Beastmaster Torash Beastmaster Killable Grom'gar, Frostfire Ridge


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