Thunderpaw Initiate

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NeutralThunderpaw Initiate
Image of Thunderpaw Initiate
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 88 - 89
Health 271,376 - 326,966
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Thunderpaw Refuge, Jade Forest; A Brewing Storm

Thunderpaw Initiates are level 88-89 pandaren students learning the ways of the monk found at the Thunderpaw Overlook in the Jade Forest and during the A Brewing Storm scenario.


I'm learing how to slap the pain out of someone. How neat is that?
I never knew how much variety there was to brewing tea.
I am trying to learn how to heal. The problem is you have to get hurt before you can be healed.
One of the initiates pulled a prank on me the other day. He said I was supposed to sniff his "healing mists". There was nothing healing about that mist.
Can't talk now. Must... focus.
Someone was saying I was "overhealing" the other day. I am so confused.

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