Thunderstomp Stegodon

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MobThunderstomp Stegodon
Image of Thunderstomp Stegodon
Race Stegodon (Beast)
Level 54 - 55 Elite
Health 7,599 - 7,842
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Terror Run, Un'Goro Crater [22.5, 59.7]
Pet family Scalehide

Thunderstomp Stegodon can be found at Terror Run in Un'Goro Crater.


  • Ability devour.png  Head Smash — Inflicts normal damage plus 10 on an enemy, stunning it for 2 sec.
  • Spell nature thunderclap.png  Thunderclap — Inflicts 35 to 39 Nature damage to nearby enemies, increasing the time between their attacks and slowing their movement for 6 sec.


Removed from game The subject of this section was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 4.0.3a.

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