Tides of Glory (beta)

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For the fishing scenario, see Tides of Glory.

The Tides of Glory is an unreleased quest scenario that would serve as Azsuna finale.


Stage 1. Wait For Players
  • Dispel the naga scouting party.
Stage 2. Tides of Glory
Stage 3. The Tidestone's Call
Stage 4. The Siegebreakers
Stage 5. Feeding on the Tidestone
  • Slay the nightfallen that are feeding on the Tidestone.
Stage 6. The Hunger
  • Protect the Tidestone from the withered.
Stage 7. As Two-Faced As They Come



  • Original stage 4 was:
Stage 4. Slay Majh'Tua
Slay Majh'Tua.

Patch changes