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Tidesage Council

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BossTidesage Council
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Race(s) Human
Level Elite
Location [[ ]], Shrine of the Storm
Status Killable

The Tidesage Council are the leading council of the tidesages, beneath Lord Stormsong. It consists of Wavespeaker Reid, Brother Ironhull and Galecaller Faye. Each member oversees a different aspect of the tidesage order's work. Reid trained initiates in the oldest form of tidesage magic, communing with the sea.[1] He was killed by the Storm's Wake after he, like many, took up the Void. The remaining members of the Council are the second boss encounter of the Shrine of the Storm dungeon.

Adventure Guide

Brother Ironhull and Galecaller Faye use their power to bless the Kul Tiran ships and ensure their fleet remains unmatched on the seas.


Item Type
 [Seabreeze] (H · M) Caster Staff
Belt of the Unrelenting Gale (H · M) Plate belt
Ironhull's Reinforced Legplates (H · M) Plate leggings
Sea Priest's Greaves (H · M) Mail leggings
Footpads of the Serene Wake (H · M) Leather boots
 [Blessing Bearer's Waders] (H · M) Cloth boots
Galecaller's Boon (H · M) Agility Trinket
 [Ensemble: Vestments of the Tidesages] Cosmetic Cloth armor set


Alliance Alliance intro
Brother Ironhull says: Welcome, Brother Pike. You have arrived just in time to witness our victory.
Galecaller Faye says: Once our ritual is complete, the Kul Tiran fleet will belong to Queen Azshara!
Brother Pike says: Quickly, heroes! Stop them before the fleet is lost!
Horde Horde intro
Brother Ironhull says: Welcome, intruders. You have arrived just in time to witness true power!
Rexxar says: Dark powers or no, you will be our next kill!
  • Galecaller Faye says: None shall stand against the storm!
  • Brother Ironhull yells: The tides shall take you!
Reinforcing Ward
Brother Ironhull yells: My hull is impenetrable!
Swiftness Ward
Galecaller Faye yells: The breeze is ever at our backs!
Death (No response for Horde perspective)
Galecaller Faye yells: The clouds... break...
Brother Ironhull yells: Return me... to the sea...
Alliance Brother Pike says: Sea to sea, ashes to ashes, tide to tide. May your souls find peaceful currents.


  • Given Wavespeaker Reid's initial title, it seems that it may also be called Drowned Council. However Reid uses <Tidesage Council> in all his other appearances.
  • In an earlier beta build, the Adventure Guide description read: Brother Ironhull and Galecaller Faye represent two of the major blessings the tidesages perform on newly constructed ships. Runes and blessings upon the hull and sails ensure that the Kul Tiran fleet is unmatched on all seas.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The Abyssal Council[2] may be an alternate name.

Patch changes


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