Tidestone of Golganneth

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  • Tidestone of Golganneth
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
  • "The pieces of the Tidestone have been made whole by Queen Azshara. Take it to Aegwynn's Chamber in Dalaran."
Tidestone of Golganneth

The Tidestone of Golganneth is one of the Pillars of Creation, and once the rivers and seas of Azeroth flowed from it.[1]

The Tidestone is found in Azsuna.[2] When Prince Farondis turned against her during the War of the Ancients, Queen Azshara remotely destroyed the Tidestone while it was located in the Hall of Antiquities at Nar'thalas Academy. This caused a massive ley-line explosion, the citizens of Nar'thalas to live on as ghosts, and a massive inland tsunami some time before the Great Sundering made the area near the ocean at all.[3] It was stolen by Tidemistress Athissa and Warlord Parjesh so that Queen Azshara herself could restore it for her own purposes.[4] While covered by Athissa, Parjesh takes it to the Eye of Azshara so that it (resorted by Athissa) can be used to summon the Wrath of Azshara.[5] It floats above the creature, and falls when the Wrath is defeated.

It is then stored in the Portrait Room of the Chamber of the Guardian within Dalaran.[6]

Azshara later dispatches Mistress Sassz'ine and Harjatan to the Tomb of Sargeras in another attempt to claim the Tidestone.[7] After they are killed the Tidestone is activated in the Abyssal Throne beneath the tomb.

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