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Tigule is a person referred to by Nat Pagle in Old Hillsbrad, who tells his friend Hal about a dream he had:

Nat Pagle says: I can't even believe this one... You know those two loud-mouthed ruffians, Foror and Tigule?
Nat Pagle says: Well in this dream, they somehow end up inventing something called [ice-cream] and flavoring it with strawberries... Well, long story short, they end up striking it rich!
Nat Pagle says: If that weren't crazy enough, they decide to quit the ice-cream business and become adventurers... They travel all over the place and finally disappear into some portal. I woke up in a cold sweat after that one...


There are other references to Tigule:


  • These are all actually references to Jeffrey Kaplan, also known as Tigole. "Foror" is a reference to Alex Afrasiabi, also known as Furor. Kaplan and Afrasiabi were members of the guild Fires of Heaven, in both World of Warcraft and EverQuest, explaining the many references to "Tigule and Foror".