Tigule's Harpoon

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Tigule's Harpoon is a rare polearm that is a decent weapon for hunters and possibly some paladins before getting Molten Core loot or an  [Ice Barbed Spear]. It gives the user a stamina bonus, a hit rating increase, and an attack power increase when fighting beasts.

Tigule's Harpoon


Tigule's Harpoon is dropped by Gahz'ranka in Zul'Gurub.


"Tigule" is probably referring to the in game joke of Tigule. Something to be noted is that  [Foror's Eyepatch] also drops in Zul'Gurub, which is probably referring to the ingame joke of Foror - both are mentioned in the item  [Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream].

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