Timbal's Focusing Crystal

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Dropped by Priestess Delrissa in Magisters' Terrace (Heroic mode).


This trinket gives a chance to deal extra damage in the form of a [Shadow Bolt], which is capable to do a spell critical strike, at every tick of a DoT or channeled spell.

  • Note: The proc has a hidden cooldown of 15 secs.

It seems to work with any DoT and channeled spell placed on the target, including AoE effects.

Works with:

It should also work for a hunter's [Serpent Sting], and maybe [Explosive Trap], but hunters would find little other use in this trinket, as those are minor abilities and they don't need spell damage.


Possibly a reference to the New US forum Moderator, Timbal. It's possible that since Timbal works the late shift on the forums, he has to keep focus on dealing with all the trolls.

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