Time-Lost Shadowmage

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MobTime-Lost Shadowmage
Image of Time-Lost Shadowmage
Race Arakkoa (Undead)
Level 69 Elite
Health 13,726
Mana 35,155
Wealth 33s 59c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Shadowmage
Location Sethekk Halls, Auchindoun

Time-Lost Shadowmages are arakkoa ghosts located in Sethekk Halls in Auchindoun.


  • Curse of the Dark Talon-Curses an enemy for 30 sec., increasing the Physical damage it takes by 50 and reducing its Stamina by 50. The cursed target has 10% chance of inflicting bleeding damage on it's current target.

Notable drops


  • Can be Shackled or Trapped.
  • This mob has a buff called "Arcane Destruction" which increases spell damage by 150. The magic is stealable by lvl 70 mage skill Spellsteal.
  • Only available in Normal mode.

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