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This article compiles all the official timelines and sources published by Blizzard into a non-exhaustive timeline of recorded important events in the Warcraft universe. This should not be considered as an official timeline but should be as accurate as, and more complete than, any timeline that Blizzard has provided.

Numbering in this timeline is based on the opening of the Dark Portal, as this is the method used by the official sources. All dates are considered to be spans of time from one to the next since many events are only given vague ordering and estimated dates. Warcraft products are displayed in italics.


-25,000 (approx.)
-13,500[citation needed] 
  • The kaldorei begin to actively study and practice arcane magic. They bend magic to their will and use it to build beautiful cities, craft artifacts and reshape the land. Some kaldorei resist the lure to use the Well of Eternity's power and warn others of the dangers of abusing it. Their warnings go unheeded.
  • A group of upper-class kaldorei begin to refer to themselves as the Highborne and revel in the use of magic.
  • Lei Shen attempts to invade Uldum and seize the Forge of Origination for his empire, but is killed when Uldum's tol'vir guardians activate the Forge's destructive power. In the process, Uldum's lush jungles are scorched into a harsh desert. Lei Shen is followed by a succession of various mogu emperors.[11]

The New World

-4,000 (approx.)
  • The Council of Tirisfal finds a way to empower a champion permanently with their powers, in order to fight threats that the Council can't handle by themselves. Thus the office of the Guardian of Tirisfal is created, with Alodi becoming the first Guardian. Each new Guardian takes the mantle for a hundred years, before passing their powers to an apprentice.[33]
  • On Draenor, Gnarlgar rallies the Primals against the Apexis and creates a new Sporemound known as Taala. The Apexis annihilate the Primal army with the Breath of Rukhmar, permanently destroying the Evergrowth and preventing it from ever returning again, leading to a golden age of mortal civilization on Draenor.[38]
  • The tauren inadvertently awaken the slumbering Princess Theradras, who drains the fertile lands of Mashan'she of energy, turning the region into a barren plain later called Desolace. Zaetar arrives to investigate but falls in love with Theradras, and from their union the centaur are born. After killing their father, the centaur proliferate across Desolace and begin hunting down the tauren, igniting a long and bloody war between the two races. Maraudon, the site of Zaetar's tomb, becomes treated as holy ground by the centaur.[43]
  • Liu Lang defies Pandaria's belief that the rest of the world had been destroyed in the Sundering, and travels through the mists on the turtle Shen-zin Su. He returns every five years to bring more people along with him. Shen-zin Su grows large enough to become the Wandering Isle, with pandaren creating permanent settlements on his back.[50]
  • The orcs emerge from the subterranean caverns of Gorgrond and begin to spread across Draenor, forming various clans.[51]
-700 (approx.)
  • Aegwynn decides to stay as the Guardian of Tirisfal indefinitely, partly due to her concerns about the Council of Tirisfal meddling with the politics of different nations, and partly due to Sargeras' influence. She builds Karazhan as her secret abode, but after the Tirisgarde find her, she moves to the Guardian Sanctum in sunken Suramar.[53]
  • Pridelord Karash of the Bloodmane saberon declares war upon the high arakkoa but is defeated by the Talon King Terokk. Terokk establishes the city of Skyreach but is later betrayed by the Anhari priesthood, who wish to retain sole control over arakkoan society. Terokk and his daughter Lithic are thrown into the Sethekk Hollow to become Outcasts. Lithic dies in the fall, but Terokk and his followers are guided by Anzu to create the talonpriests and establish the city of Skettis. Terokk eventually becomes insane and is sealed in a realm of shadow by his followers.[54]
-500 (approx.)
  • Imperator Molok of the Gorian Empire sends an ogre army to claim the Throne of the Elements and the power of the elements by force. The dissonance between the ogres' reckless arcane magic and the lingering power of Grond's remains creates an explosion that blows apart the orcish temple, leaving behind only a few standing stones and throwing the elements into disarray across Draenor.[58]
  • At the Kosh'harg festival, the orcish clans band together to combat the ogres at the urging of Nelgarm.[59]
  • The orcs lay siege to the ogre capital Goria. Molok and his sorcerers create the red pox, which begins to spread among the orcs, but Nelgarm and his fellow shaman convince the elements to completely destroy Goria.[60]
  • The last gnome king,[61] King Mechagon, leads his followers in search of a mystical land of technology.[62]
-300 (approx.)
-231 (approx.)
  • The Temple of Karabor is founded. The Shadowmoon orcs begin to worship the darkened naaru K'ara as a deity, calling it the "Dark Star", but quickly outlaw the practice after discovering that wielding the Dark Star's power causes insanity.[71]
  • The naaru K'ure begins attracting the souls of deceased orcs to the wreckage of the Genedar. Orcish shaman begin making pilgrimages to the site to commune with their ancestors, naming the crystal mountain "Oshu'gun".
  • A group of orcish exiles dwelling below Nagrand begin tapping into the Void energies bleeding from K'ure. This allows them to use shadow magic but also turns their skin a sickly white, causing the exiles to begin calling themselves "the Pale".[72]
  • The goblins of Kezan, granted heightened intelligence by the kaja'mite ore, break free of their slavery under the Zandalari and establish various cartels.[73]
  • Imperator Hok'lon leads the Gorian Empire in an attempt to retake the ruins of Goria from the draenei. The attack is easily repelled by the draenei and Hok'lon is killed. The ogres flee after Velen appears on Shattrath's ramparts, wreathed in light, and tells them that they will be allowed to leave unharmed.[74]
  • The orc clans debate over how to respond to the draenei. The Bladewind clan begin raiding draenei caravans, but the attacks gradually cease when the draenei send Vindicators to guard the caravans.[75]

Doom of Draenor

For events taking place in the alternate Draenor timeline in Warlords of Draenor during this period, see the Warlords of Draenor section.
  • On the eve of his fourteenth birthday, Medivh's dormant powers awake and lash out, killing his father Nielas. Medivh lies dormant for many years after this, tended to by clerics at Northshire Abbey.[78]
  • Medivh awakens from his coma. The Gurubashi trolls begin launching raids on human settlements in retaliation for the humans pushing farther and farther south into Gurubashi territory. King Barathen dispatches soldiers to intercept raiding parties but forbids them from striking into Gurubashi lands.[82]
  • After a gruesome attack on three Westfall towns by the Gurubashi, Medivh and his two friends Anduin Lothar and Prince Llane Wrynn sneak into Stranglethorn to assassinate the Gurubashi leader, Jok'non. They succeed, but only after Medivh unleashes his full might as a Guardian.[82]
  • The Gurubashi War.[82]
    • The Gurubashi rally under Jok'non's son, Zan'non, and march to war against Stormwind, launching an attack on Stormwind City itself. Barathen dies during the battle and Llane is forced to convince Medivh to unleash his full Guardian powers to repel the attack. Llane, Medivh and Anduin are hailed as heroes by the kingdom.[82]
  • Medivh is confronted by his mother Aegwynn at Karazhan. She urges him to isolate himself from the world and leaves him with a caretaker, Moroes. The Council of Tirisfal discover Medivh and begin sending apprentices to study under him, but none last for longer than a day. Moroes notices Medivh's ever-darkening mood and convinces him to begin launching banquets and feasts to lift his spirits.[82]
  • Two young orcs, Orgrim Doomhammer and Durotan, are saved from an ogre by a group of draenei. The draenei invite them to the nearby settlement of Telmor, where Velen requests an audience with them before the two orcs are escorted back to the borders of Gorgrond.[83]
  • Talgath discovers the draenei civilization on Draenor. Kil'jaeden commands him to observe the inhabitants of the world for the time being.[84]
  • The orc Gul'dan is exiled from his clan and seeks out the Throne of the Elements, where the elements reject him. Kil'jaeden reaches out to him and grants him the power of fel magic in exchange for agreeing to help the Burning Legion manipulate the orcs against the draenei. Gul'dan accepts, becoming the first orcish warlock.[85]
  • Gul'dan inundates the Throne of the Elements with fel magic, throwing the elements into disarray across the world, and also uses his magic to create the worst outbreak of the red pox in orcish history. Many orcs contract the plague at the Kosh'harg festival. Under the leadership of the Frostwolf chieftain Garad, the plague bearers establish a village in Nagrand to quarantine the afflicted. The village is named Garadar in Garad's honor after he succumbs to the pox.[85]
  • Medivh continues to study demonic lore and Azerothian history and becomes convinced that the world is inherently flawed, too divided by petty rivalries to ever unite into a single force in case of a demonic invasion. He concludes that he needs an army to change things and begins venturing out into the cosmos, eventually discovering Draenor and the orcs.[82]
  • Gul'dan returns to his home village and burns it and everyone within it to ash to prevent anyone from learning about his past. He then ventures to the Shadowmoon clan and convinces them to let him join them, claiming that his home village was destroyed by ogres. Gul'dan wins the friendship of the Shadowmoon chieftain, the shaman Ner'zhul, allowing Kil'jaeden to begin manipulating Ner'zhul's thoughts.[86]
  • Gul'dan manipulates the Bladewind clan into launching raids on draenei caravans, killing and kidnapping dozens of draenei. Vindicator Maraad and the draenei retaliate and storm the Bladewind village, but when Maraad sees the corpse of his sister Leran he goes into a rampage across the village. Gul'dan kills the few surviving Bladewinds as they attempt to flee. He then returns to the Shadowmoon and tells of how the draenei launched an unprovoked massacre against the Bladewinds. Meanwhile, Kil'jaeden appears to Ner'zhul in his dreams, disguised as the spirit of his deceased mate Rulkan, and tells him that the draenei are planning to destroy the orcs. Ner'zhul calls for a clan meeting at Oshu'gun, where the orc chieftains agree to band together to defeat the draenei, marking the creation of the Horde.[86]
  • The orcs begin launching sporadic attacks against draenei hunting parties. The draenei, assuming that the orcs have simply been agitated by the elemental turmoil, begin organizing and constructing new defenses.[86]
  • Ner'zhul's apprehension about the war with the draenei grows. Kil'jaeden appears to him in the form of Rulkan and tells him of powerful beings who could aid the orcs, and the night after Kil'jaeden appears again as a radiant elemental entity and urges him to push the Horde to victory and exterminate the draenei. Ner'zhul secretly embarks on a journey to Oshu'gun to seek the guidance of the ancestors, but Kil'jaeden is aware of his plans and tells Gul'dan to gather allies to control the Shadowmoon, since Ner'zhul can no longer be relied upon. Gul'dan recruits Teron'gor and several other shaman and begin teaching them fel magic.[86]
  • At Oshu'gun, the real Rulkan and the other ancestors tell Ner'zhul that he was being manipulated by Kil'jaeden and condemn the shaman for having been used by the demon lord. Ner'zhul falls into despair and is captured by Gul'dan's followers, who treat him as little more than a slave.[86]
  • Displeased by the disarray and infighting in the Horde, Kil'jaeden commands Gul'dan to find a single, true leader for the orcs — a warchief. Gul'dan convinces Blackhand to take up the position after training some of the Blackrock clan's shaman how to wield fel magic and magically age young orcs, including Blackhand's young sons, Dal'rend and Maim.
  • Gul'dan forms the Shadow Council to watch over the orcs and includes Blackhand in the organization, but Gul'dan's trusted Shadowmoon warlocks secretly form the inner circle of the organization. The warlock recruits new members for the council, including Cho'gall and Garona, and creates a group called the necrolytes.[87]
  • Zagrel, Chieftain of the Whiteclaw clan, is assassinated by Garona on behalf of Gul'dan for speaking out against the Horde.[87]
  • At a clan meeting at Oshu'gun, Gul'dan persuades many shaman into becoming warlocks and convinces the clan chieftains to unanimously vote for Blackhand as their warchief.[87]
  • Blackhand orders the construction of the Citadel, later known as Hellfire Citadel, and organizes the various clans into specific roles within the Horde. He also forms a new clan known as the Black Tooth Grin and names Eitrigg, Orgrim Doomhammer and Varok Saurfang as his lieutenants in the Blackrock clan.[87]
  • Blackhand sends warlocks to magically age the adolescents of other clans. The orcs' skin begins to turn a sickly green.[87]
  • Cho'gall recruits the pale orcs into the Horde and forms the Twilight's Hammer clan.[87]
  • The draenei's morale begins to founder as the orcs launch coordinated assaults on minor settlements and outposts across the dying world. Velen and the exarchs, knowing that their only chance of survival is to hold off the onslaught and hope that the Burning Legion does not launch a full-scale invasion, order their forces to withdraw to Shattrath and Karabor. The elemental spirits pool their power into the mighty Firelord, Cyrukh, to stop the desecration of the land.[87]
  • The orcs gather for an assault on Karabor. Cyrukh appears in a nearby volcano to confront them, but Gul'dan and his warlocks gather on the volcano's slopes to shatter the being's physical form and infuse its power into the orcs, shattering the last connection between the orcs and the elements. The volcano becomes known as the Hand of Gul'dan.[87]
  • The draenei hold the orcish assault at bay for a time but are defeated when the Horde uses the power of the Dark Star to kill or drive insane many of the defenders and permanently darken Karabor, turning it into the Black Temple. Velen and the survivors manage to flee via the harbor.[87]
  • The orcs gather at a mountain near the Citadel and drink the blood of Mannoroth at Gul'dan's urging. Durotan forbids the Frostwolves from drinking after having received an anonymous message from Ner'zhul, while Orgrim refuses out of suspicion for the growing corruption of the orcs and Draenor. Those who do drink the blood are driven into a ferocious bloodlust and march against Shattrath as Gul'dan infuses the mountain with fel energy, transforming it into the Throne of Kil'jaeden.[87]
  • The victims of the red pox quarantined in Garadar remain isolated from the fel corruption, leading them to become known as the Mag'har, "Uncorrupted".[87]
  • Velen leads many Shattrath civilians to a refuge in Telredor. The orcs launch an assault on Shattrath, unleashing the red mist against the draenei. Before long, the city falls to the Horde.[87]
  • Many of the survivors retreat to Auchindoun. Teron'gor and other Shadow Council agents are dispatched to the mausoleum, but when they are repelled by the draenei and Auchindoun's spirits they attempt to summon a powerful demon to aid them. Instead, they accidentally summon Murmur, whose arrival blasts Auchindoun apart and levels the surrounding forests. The warlocks bind Murmur within Auchindoun to prevent it from wreaking havoc on the Horde.[87]
  • More draenei survivors arrive at Telredor. The ones afflicted by the red mist mutate into Broken, and the populace of Telredor exile them into the wilds out of fear that the condition might spread. Some Broken continue to degrade into Lost Ones.[87]
  • Blackhand turns his attention on Draenor's other inhabitants. Kilrogg Deadeye and the Bleeding Hollow clan launch a campaign against Farahlon, while Grommash Hellscream and Cho'gall topple Highmaul. Elsewhere, the Frostwolf, Whiteclaw and Thunderlord clans are charged with hunting down the ogres, ogron, gronn and magnaron, though only the Thunderlords obey.[87]
  • Kargath Bladefist leads a force to conquer the arakkoa capital, Skyreach. The orcs ally with the Outcast arakkoa, who agree to infiltrate Skyreach and sabotage the high arakkoa's superweapon. Kargath and his forces then slaughter high and cursed arakkoa alike, casting some of the former into Sethekk Hollow. These cursed high arakkoa rally under Grizzik, who leads his people to take refuge in Auchindoun.[87]
  • Kil'jaeden ceases to communicate with Gul'dan on Sargeras' orders. The orcs begin to flounder on Draenor as the world slowly dies. The threat of starvation causes the orcs to hunt many of Draenor's native creatures to extinction and begin fighting amongst themselves.[87]

Great Wars[88]

First War

0[89] (Year 592 by the King's calendar)[90]
  • To combat the Horde, the Northshire Clerics begin entering the battlefield, the humans' first view of a priest on the frontlines.
  • The Old Gods begin contacting Cho'gall and the Twilight's Hammer clan. Cho'gall agrees to follow the Horde, but only for his own motives.
  • The Frostwolves arrive in Alterac Valley, having almost entirely avoided Azeroth's other races thanks to the elements.
  • Thrall is born.
  • Shocked at their child's green skin, Durotan sends messages through the elements to meet with Orgrim near Loch Modan. The two meet to discuss this revelation and go their separate ways. Orgrim sends his most trusted friends with Durotan and his wife, Draka, for protection, but they turn out to be loyal to Gul'dan. They murder Durotan and Draka and leave Thrall for dead, but the infant is soon found by Aedelas Blackmoore.
  • Redridge falls to the Horde.
  • The Shadow Council moves their operations to Blackrock Mountain.
  • The Horde begins their first siege of Stormwind. It's met as a stalemate and the Horde retreat.
  • Garona is allowed entrance to Stormwind by the word of Khadgar, who warns King Llane about Medivh's fall to the Legion.
  • Khadgar and Garona go to confront Medivh and a battle ensues. Sargeras' spirit, still inside Medivh, magically ages Khadgar well past his prime. Gul'dan sees the battle through Garona's eyes and frantically connects with Medivh, mulling through the Guardian's memories for more details on the Tomb of Sargeras' location. Khadgar slays Medivh and Gul'dan is put into a coma. The death of Medivh, whose body was still infused with fel, caused a catastrophic explosion, scorching the land around Karazhan into Deadwind Pass and turning Brightwood into Duskwood.
  • Seeing the Shadow Council's weakness after Gul'dan's coma, Orgrim challenges Blackhand to a mak'gora. The duel ends in Orgrim crushing Blackhand's skull with his family heirloom, the Doomhammer.
  • Garona and Khadgar return to Stormwind to inform Llane of the Guardian's death. In the battle, however, Gul'dan had implanted thoughts of killing allies into Garona's mind. These messages flared bright in her head once more, and she assassinates Llane.
  • Stormwind comes under siege from the Horde and the front gates fall. The city falls to fire, and Lothar is forced to gather what refugees he can and flee north.
  • Warcraft: Orcs & Humans ends«
  • Cycle of Hatred (Past) ends«
  • Tides of Darkness begins
  • Arthas: Rise of the Lich King begins»
  • The Alliance of Lordaeron

Second War

  • The Battle of Hillsbrad Foothills ensues, leaving much of the landscape in ruin. The Horde's death knights prove to matched in power with the Alliance's paladins.
  • The Horde frees Zul'jin from human captivity, who in turn pledges his tribe, the Amani, to the Horde's cause.
  • Garona escapes capture from her handler, Eitrigg.
  • Horde forces move through the Hinterlands, suffering attacks from the Wildhammer clan of dwarves.
  • The Horde moves to Quel'Thalas and Gul'dan assists in dismantling the elven runestones, which he later utilizes to create two-headed ogres.
  • With the assistance of the Horde, the Amani finally begin retaking parts of Eversong. The high elves are pushed back to the walls of Silvermoon, but fail to breach them. Orgrim realizes his resources should be pooled elsewhere and moves his forces southwest towards Alterac, leaving the Amani. Zul'jin would never forgive the Horde for this.
  • Realizing the might of the Horde, Aiden Perenolde strikes a deal with the orcs. They will be allowed passage through Alterac if they spare his city. Orgrim readily accepts and moves on to Capital City.
  • The Horde begins their siege of Capital City but is met with a strong opposition. Gul'dan, having finally learned the location of the Tomb, abandons the Horde with the Twilight's Hammer and Stormreaver clans, causing the Horde's loss in the Second War.
  • Gul'dan raises the Broken Shore and makes his way through the Tomb. Defying Kil'jaeden's plan of turning the Tomb into a portal for the Legion, however, the warlock attempts to take all its power for himself. He and his followers are torn apart by monstrous demons while the rest of his clan is defeated by the Dragonmaw.
  • Cho'gall and the Twilight's Hammer clan flee west to Kalimdor.
  • The Horde flees south but is quickly followed by the Alliance, the Kul Tiras fleet and the Wildhammer clan.
  • Khaz Modan is liberated and the dwarves and gnomes readily join the Alliance.
  • Siege of Blackrock Spire - the Alliance lays siege to Blackrock Mountain.
    • Orgrim slays Lothar in combat but is swiftly defeated by Turalyon and captured.
  • Khadgar destroys the Dark Portal.
  • Aegwynn uses her power to summon Medivh's spirit on Azeroth. Free of the taint of Sargeras, the Last Guardian decides that he will be the catalyst to unity and decides to warn the other races of the upcoming return of the Burning Legion.

Third War


Rise of the Lich King

  • Cycle of Hatred[91]
  • The Great Lakeshire Drought and the Great Ironforge Flood, caused by a portal being opened within the lake to Ironforge without a liquid filter.[112]

World of Warcraft

  • Gnomeregan is lost after Sicco Thermaplugg convinces Gelbin Mekkatorque to release lethal radiation in the city, irradiating not only the invading troggs but most of the gnomes as well. Mekkatorque and the gnomes are granted refuge in Ironforge by the dwarves, establishing Tinker Town.[113]

World of Warcraft

Mysteries of Maraudon

Ruins of the Dire Maul

  • Dire Maul
    • Warpwood Quarter
    • Capital Gardens
    • Gordok Commons
  • In Year 25, the majority of elves, including the Prince Tortheldrin, were killed by the Horde when they raided Dire Maul. The surviving ones fled the ruined city and wandered in the woods for years, trying to wean themselves off demonic power and feel whole again.[114]


Assault on Blackwing Lair

Rise of the Blood God

Dragons of Nightmare

The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj

Shadow of the Necropolis

Drums of War

The Burning Crusade


Before the Storm

The Burning Crusade

The Black Temple

The Gods of Zul'Aman

Fury of the Sunwell

Wrath of the Lich King

Echoes of Doom

Wrath of the Lich King


Secrets of Ulduar

Call of the Crusade

Fall of the Lich King



The Shattering

Rise of the Zandalari

Rage of the Firelands

The Hour of Twilight


Mists of Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria



The Thunder King


Siege of Orgrimmar


Warlords of Draenor

-4, alternate timeline

Warlords of Draenor

  • Grom rejects the demon blood, kills Mannoroth, and captures Gul'dan.
31, main timeline[133][134] / -2, alternate timeline[135]

Fury of Hellfire

  • Gul'dan persuades the Iron Horde's remaining leaders to serve the Burning Legion, imprisons Grommash, and also recruits the aid of Shadow-Sage Iskar and the Sethekk arakkoa.
  • Gul'dan takes control of Hellfire Citadel, intending to use it as a staging area for the Legion to invade Draenor. He then proceeds to summon the demon lord Archimonde.
  • The heroes of Azeroth assault the citadel’s gates, invading from both land and sea.
    • Aided by Khadgar, Yrel, Durotan, and a freed Grommash, Azeroth's champions battle their way through the horrors unleashed within Hellfire Citadel.
    • After a harrowing struggle that nearly destroys Draenor, the heroes are able to cast down Archimonde.
  • As he falls, Archimonde hurls Gul'dan through a portal to fulfill his pact with the Legion.


Return to Karazhan

  • The Burning Legion invades the magical tower of Karazhan, seeking to turn it into a second gateway to Azeroth as they did with the Tomb of Sargeras.
  • Helya is killed in her realm of Helheim during the Trial of Valor, finally freeing Prime Designate Odyn and his Valarjar army from the Halls of Valor.

Patch 7.1.5

The Tomb of Sargeras

Patch 7.2.5

Shadows of Argus

Patch 7.3.5


Battle for Azeroth

Tides of Vengeance

Patch 8.1.5

Rise of Azshara

Patch 8.2.5

Visions of N'Zoth



  • A few quests mentioned that Cataclysm took place 6 years after World of Warcraft.[151][152] However, the Ultimate Visual Guide ultimately established that the gap between World of Warcraft and Cataclysm was only 3 years.


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