Tiragarde Sound (quest)

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AllianceTiragarde Sound
Start Scouting Map
End Taelia
Level 110 - 120 (Requires 110)
Category Tiragarde Sound
Experience 1,650
Reputation +25 Proudmoore Admiralty
Rewards 1g 94s
Previous A [110 - 120] A Nation Divided
Next A [110 - 120] The Smoking Gun

Tiragarde Sound begins the Tiragarde Sound storyline for Alliance characters. Pick it up from the Scouting Map behind Taelia at the Harbormaster's Office in Boralus.


Offer to investigate the Ashvane Trading Company.


We must convince Katherine Proudmoore to pledge Kul Tiras to the Alliance. Flynn believes the Ashvane Trading Company's new gunpowder is our best lead.


You will receive:


Maybe with your help we can restore the people's faith in Proudmoore leadership.


On complete:

Taelia says: All right, Flynn. What's this big lead of yours? Something about Ashvane having a new gunpowder?
Cyrus Crestfall says: How is that a lead? They're making new weapons all the time.
Flynn Fairwind says: Not like this, they aren't.
Flynn Fairwind says: Emissary! Mind giving our skeptical colleagues here a demonstration?

Flynn offers the next quest, A [110 - 120] The Smoking Gun.


  1. A [110 - 120] Tiragarde Sound
  2. A [110 - 120] The Smoking Gun
  3. A [110 - 120] The Ashvane Trading Company
  4. Complete all of:
  5. A [110 - 120] Under Their Noses

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