Tirisfal Glades quests

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This is a list of all Tirisfal Glades quests in table format (arranged by level).

For a questing guide detailing the best order to obtain and complete quests in Tirisfal Glades, see Tirisfal Glades questing guide.

The following quests can be found in Tirisfal Glades:

  • H [6] Gordo's Task - Collect 3 Gloom Weed and deliver them to Junior Apothecary Holland in the Brill graveyard.
    • H [7] Doom Weed - Collect 10 Doom Weed and deliver them back to Junior Apothecary Holland.
  • H [6] A Putrid Task - Bring 7 Putrid Claws to Deathguard Dillinger in Brill.
    • H [8] The Mills Overrun - Gather 5 Notched Ribs and 3 Blackened Skulls, then return to Deathguard Dillinger in Brill.
  • H [6] A New Plague - Apothecary Johaan in the town of Brill wants you to collect 5 Vials of Darkhound Blood.
    • H [9] A New Plague - Apothecary Johaan of the town of Brill needs 5 Vile Fin Scales from Murlocs in Tirisfal Glades.
      • H [11] A New Plague - Apothecary Johaan in the town of Brill wants you to bring him 4 samples of venom from a Vicious Night Web Spider.
        • H [11] A New Plague - Bring Johaan's Special Drink to the Captured Mountaineer.
  • H [7] A Letter Undelivered - Find Yvette Farthing, and deliver to her the letter from Thurman Agamand.
  • H [6] Fields of Grief - Steal 10 pumpkins from the farm to the west, just north of Deathknell and take them to Apothecary Johaan in Brill.
    • H [7] Fields of Grief - Take the Laced Pumpkin to the Captured Scarlet Zealot who is being held in the cellar of the Gallow's End Tavern.
  • H [9] At War With The Scarlet Crusade - Executor Zygand of Brill wants you to kill 10 Scarlet Warriors.
  • H [8] The Chill of Death - Bring five Duskbat Pelts and some Coarse Thread to Gretchen Dedmar in Brill.

Complete both of:

  • H [9] The Haunted Mills - Slay Devlin Agamand, and bring Devlin's Remains to Coleman Farthing in Brill.
  • H [9] Deaths in the Family - Bring Gregor's Remains, Nissa's Remains and Thurman's Remains to Coleman Farthing in Brill.

To get:

  • H [9] Speak with Sevren - Speak with Magistrate Sevren in Brill.
    • H [9] The Family Crypt - Kill 8 Wailing Ancestors and 8 Rotting Ancestors. Kill Captain Dargol, and bring his skull to Magistrate Sevren in Brill.
  • H [10] Wanted: Maggot Eye - Kill Maggot Eye and return to Executor Zygand in Brill with his paw for a reward.
  • H [10] Delivery to Silverpine Forest - Take Apothecary Johaan's findings to Apothecary Renferrel in Silverpine Forest.
  • H [11] Rear Guard Patrol - Kill 8 Bleeding Horrors and 8 Wandering Spirits, then report back to Linnea at her camp.

Quest Table

Quests which take place in Tirisfal Glades are denoted by a This quest takes place in this zone.

The other quests listed either send the player out of the zone, are in quest chains related to Tirisfal Glades, or are categorized as such; but take place out of the zone.