To Be Prepared (Horde)

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The subject of this article or section takes place just prior to or during the Battle for Broken Shore, leading to the Broken Isles invasion.

HordeTo Be Prepared

98 (Requires 98)





Visit Horde forces in Dranosh'ar Blockade.

  • Armor polished
  • Weapon empowered
  • Last meal eaten
  • Warmed up with a duel


Our allies have made the journey to Orgrimmar to support our war efforts.

Stop and visit with them, <name>. Their assistance will secure our victory today.


You will receive:
Inv misc kingsring1.png [Mark of Orgrimmar]


Blood and thunder, friend.


You look quite prepared for battle. Do not let bloodlust overtake you out there.

The Warchief wishes to present you with this ring before you head to war. May you return with the heads of many demons.


Travel east from Holgar using the path heading to the docks, where you will find the quest objectives along the way. The mojo cauldron is optional, but it's recommended that you pick up some  [Extra Thick Mojo].

Approach Keg of Armor Polish
Orgek Ironhand says: A demon blade can find even the smallest crack in your armor, <name>. Repair it, or you might end up with your head on a spike.
Approach Sun Sphere
Seleria Dawncaller says: Silvermoon stands behind you, <name>. Allow us to bless your weapon with holy might.
Approach food
Liu-So says: Sit, friend, and enjoy this meal. You cannot fight on an empty stomach.
Approach the dueling area
Sergeant Grimjaw says: How war gets the blood pumping, <name>! Does your axe not thirst for a duel?
Approach Cauldron of Mojo
Ja'kala says: Finish mixin' up dat mojo, we got ta get it to da Broken Shore!
Approach Stone Guard Mukar
Stone Guard Mukar says: Blood and thunder, <name>. Your ship, and glorious victory, await.



  1. H [98] The Legion Returns
  2. H [98] To Be Prepared
  3. H [98] The Battle for Broken Shore
  4. H [98] Fate of the Horde
  5. H [98] Emissary
  6. H [98] Demons Among Us
  7. H [98] Keep Your Friends Close
  8. H [100 - 110] Calling of the Council — to the next story arc

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