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Image of Tol'ressa
Gender Female
Race Shivarra (Demon)
Level 95
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Shadow Council, Burning Legion
Location Telmor, Talador [47.1, 91.7]
Status Killable

Tol'ressa is a shivarra in Talador.


  • Demonic Blast - Forms an orb of Shadow energy that travels towards a foe, blasting them for Shadow damage.
  • Demonic Field - A field of demonic magic forms at the targeted location, inflicting Shadow to targets every second.
  • Torrent of Blades - Spins in a circle, inflicting damage and pulling in nearby enemies. The damage of this ability increases over time.

Objective of


  • You face your executioner, <race>.


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