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Image of Tomma
Race Saurok (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 393,941
Affiliation(s) Skumblade tribe
Location Ihgaluk Crag, Isle of Thunder
Status Killable

Tomma is a Skumblade Saurok. Unlike his more savage brethren, Tomma is contemplative and highly cynical. Having accepted the fact that his race was created by Mogu Flesh-shaping, he looks down on his fellow Skumblade for worshipping the idea that the Saurok are the children of Kros the Devilsaur spirit in spite of the powers the Skumblade Saur-Priests and Skumblade Brutes wield.



  • The saur-priests will tell you that our strength comes from Kroshik. Don't listen to their religious talk.
Our strength comes from our claws, from our teeth, from our weapons. It comes from the filth that the filth-mongers gather and cultivate.
It comes from us.
I don't care whether we descended from some devilsaur in the sky or we were created by the mogu. All I care about is protecting this land from our enemies.
  • Saurok who worship Kroshik only do so because they are scared.
They pretend we are all just little walking devilsaurs, proving our "strength" to gain the favor of an invisible, all-powerful devilsaur that lives in the sky.
That is what they truly believe.
We are not devilsaurs. We are saurok. And when we die, there will be no eternal hunt, no promised paradise, no punishment for the weak, and no Kros. We will be eaten, and our remains thrown into the filth-pool. And that is all. I have seen it.
  • You know what I think? <Tomma glances quickly behind him.>
The saur-priests are as filled with filth as the village itself.
Their Kroshik-worship makes them weak. They preach strength, but do they hunt? Do they kill? Do they roll in the decaying remains of their fallen brothers?
No. They hide in their caves and talk. If they were truly strong, they would be out here fighting with us.
  • We were created by the mogu. There is no reason not to believe it. Anybody who denies it is ignorant, or living in fantasy.
I refuse to pretend I am a devilsaur. I know what I am. I know where my strength comes from.

When Kroshik is being sacrificed:

I will not participate in their false ritual. There is nothing special about Kroshik or his meat. Meat is meat.


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