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NeutralTooga's Quest

50 (Requires 45)


Timed Escort




Tooga's Quest is an escort quest starting just south-east of Thistleshrub Valley and traversing almost the entire width of Tanaris to Steamwheedle Port.


Show Tooga the way back to his wife, Torta.

  • Timed: you have 30 minutes to complete this quest.


I am so lost!

My wife, Torta, sent me out to fetch dinner and I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Would you be so kind as to lead me back to Torta? She's waiting for me just south of Steamwheedle Port.


You will be allowed to choose one of the following:


Where is Tooga?


So he couldn't find his way back on his own? Figures.

Well, I guess you deserve something for your troubles....


Tooga wanders around east of the north end of Thistleshrub Valley, near a crashed goblin zeppelin. Torta's at the opposite corner of the zone, just south of Steamwheedle Port. Tooga's max speed is just faster than base run speed, so it's easiest to just stay on foot to not get too far ahead of him.

Tooga will complain all the way along the journey...

  • Torta must be so worried.
  • I keep getting sand stuck in my toes.
  • I'm thirsty.
  • I wish you could just pick me up and carry me.
  • Do we have much further to go?
  • Are we there yet?

...but he also tries to be a good travel companion:

At the end of the quest, there is some dialog between Tooga and Torta:

"Now, get your dusty shell into that ocean and bring momma some grub!"
Tooga says: Torta, my love! I have returned at long last.
Torta says: You have any idea how long I've been waiting here? And where's dinner? All that time gone and nothing to show for it?
Tooga says: My dearest Torta, I have been gone for so long. Finally we are reunited. At long last our love can blossom again.
Torta says: Enough with the rambling. I am starving! Now, get your dusty shell into that ocean and bring momma some grub.
Tooga says: Yes, Torta. Whatever your heart desires...
Torta says: And try not to get lost this time....

The turtle names are possibly a reference to the Caribbean island of Tortuga (now Île de la Tortue, part of Haiti) famous in the 17th Century for its lawlessness and popularity with pirates (as shown in Disney's recent Pirates of the Caribbean). This would fit in with prevalence of pirates and lawlessness on the Tanaris coast and throughout the zone.

It's possible that they're simply named after 'Tortuga' being Spanish for Tortoise.

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