Took the Red Eye Down

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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Took the Red Eye Down
  • Defeat Il'gynoth in The Emerald Nightmare after inflicting 20 Nightmare Explosions on the Eye of Il'gynoth within 10 seconds on Normal difficulty or higher.

Took the Red Eye Down is an achievement earned by damaging the Eye of Il'gynoth with 20 Nightmare Explosions in under 10 seconds during the Il'gynoth encounter in the Emerald Nightmare instance, on Normal difficulty or higher.

The Nightmare Explosions required are caused when the adds known as Nightmare Ichors die. During phase one, these adds will spawn with a number of others (who are not needed for the achievement). To reach the next phase of the fight, the Ichors should be kited to the Eye of Il'gynoth near the cave's entrance and then nuked down; the resulting explosion damages the eye.

For the achievement, simply group at least 20 of these Nightmare Ichors up and stack them on the Eye of Il'gynoth in the centre. Ensure that all the Ichors die within a maximum of 10 seconds of one another, causing 20 Nightmare Explosions, and the achievement is awarded.

20 Nightmare Explosions is, fittingly, the exact number required to kill the Eye of Il'gynoth.

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