Torn Ground

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NeutralTorn Ground
Start Earthcaller Torunscar [44.0, 10.5]
End Earthcaller Torunscar [44.0, 10.5]
Level 84 (Requires 84)
Category Twilight Highlands
Experience 55200
Reputation +250 Earthen Ring
Rewards 9g
Previous The Maw of Madness, H [84] The Weeping Wound
Next N [84] Pushing Back, N [84] Unbroken, N [84] Simple Solutions


Kill 3 Tentacles of Iso'rath.


It won't be takin' much convincin' to turn us against da Twilight - dat's already our goal. We've already come to battle here though, so we may be needin' ya help before we can turn towards dey're fortress.

Da Twilight have already brought Iso'rath up from da ground to the south, I'm sure ya noticed. It's tentacles have been burstin' from da ground all around us. We could use a hand beatin' them down if you be willin'.


You will receive: 9g (or 13g 15s 50c at max level)


Did ya have any luck with dose tentacles?


Tank ya, <class>. A bit of breathin' room helps a lot.


Focus on the non-elite, level 84 tentacles with 77,395 health further away from the maw. There are elite tentacles nearer the center that cannot be attacked. Watch out for the Faceless Soulclaimers sprinting past the area as well.


  1. A [84] The Maw of Madness / H [84] The Weeping Wound
  2. N [84] Torn Ground
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N [84] The Maw of Iso'rath
  5. N [84] Devoured
  6. N [84] The Worldbreaker
  7. N [84] The Terrors of Iso'rath
  8. N [84] Nightmare

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