Torn Journal Page #16

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  • Torn Journal Page #16
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "A torn-out page from a journal."

Torn Journal Page #16...

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Torn Journal Page #16

For all the time I have spent in Pandaria, only recently did I make acquaintance with the Lorewalkers. The sheer volume of knowledge to be found within their scrolls was marvelous to behold. Lorewalker Cho taught me much about the legends of the Black Empire. He can be... shall we say... long-winded at times, but the wisdom he can impart upon those with the patience to listen is valuable indeed.

The Shado-Pan, in contrast, have little time for conversations not directly related to the defense of the Pandaren. Their Omnia scholars have accumulated centuries of practical expertise in combatting the dark powers of the sha without succumbing to their influence. Given that the sha originated from the essence of Y'Shaarj, the underlying principles of their techniques could prove effective in resisting the whispers of the Old Gods.

I must admit, I felt a certain kinship with the Shado-Pan that I did not anticipate. The Pandaren do not maintain a standing army, and so the Shado-Pan serve as their sole defense against both the mantid and the sha.

Though they have trained themselves to seal away their emotions, there is an air of solitude about them that I recognize all too well. It is no easy task to stand alone against the darkness so that others may bask in the light.

But someone must always make that stand. And they can never allow themselves to falter.

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