Torn Journal Page #25

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  • Torn Journal Page #25
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "A torn-out page from a journal."

Torn Journal Page #25...

Objective of


Torn Journal Page #25

Few mysteries intrigue me more than the lost knowledge and technology left behind by the titans. The zeal with which I pursued their secrets in the past may have bordered on excess, but the quest in and of itself is one that must be continued. I know for certain that the Forge of Origination is the key to dealing the Old Gods their ultimate defeat, though I have not yet been able to discern the exact manner in which it is meant to be used.

My hope was that the Vault of Archavon would hold the answers I seek. Unfortunately, though the Vault contained much material for me to study, the giants who make it their home were... less than cordial to me upon my arrival. I cannot say I blame them, given their previous encounters with "visitors" from the Alliance and the Horde.

It is strange to think on how those events predate my own hatching. While I plumb the depths of forgotten lore from eons past, others have lived through crises I will only ever know from historical accounts. There must be someone on Azeroth who possesses the understanding I require, and perhaps my next course of action should be to seek them out.

A pity the former Aspects are so reluctant to trust me. Even after all my research, their familiarity with the titans' handiwork surely eclipses my own. But given the troubled history of my dragonflight... of Deathwing, Onyxia, Nefarian... and myself... I cannot say I blame them, either.

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