Torn Journal Page #58

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  • Torn Journal Page #58
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "A torn-out page from a journal."

Torn Journal Page #58...

Objective of


Torn Journal Page #58

It is impossible to set eyes upon Karazhan without reflecting on the dark saga of its master. As befitting his title, the Last Guardian of Tirisfal had amassed a vast collection of writings and artifacts that dwarfs even that of the Kirin Tor.

The insight I gained from the tower's library allowed me to reach a significant milestone: I have concocted a tonic that, when imbibed, will cleanse a minor amount of the Old Gods' corruption and silence their whispers. Such is merely the first step on the path to defeating them once and for all, but it warrants celebration, nonetheless.

Though I knew there were valuable lessons to learn in Karazhan, I did not anticipate that some of them would emerge from my conversations with Medivh's lingering spirit. He recounted his struggles under Sargeras's influence as the dark titan twisted his soul from within, and I was left to wonder if similar thoughts plagued Neltharion as he descended into madness himself.

But Medivh also spoke of his spirit's return to the mortal realm, and how it guided Azeroth's champions in the fight against the very forces that once corrupted him. He said something on which I ruminate even now: "I can never change the actions of my past," he told me, "but I can forge a new legacy to leave behind."

A new legacy. In the end, perhaps that is what I am truly after. A way to make amends for my father's failings... as well as my own. A legacy worthy of the black dragonflight's original sacred charge: the defense of Azeroth. The end of the Old Gods.

I do hope these pages have proven to be of use to you, <name>. I would hate to think my agents wasted their time delivering them to you as instructed. Rest assured that when the time is right, you will have my aid in the fight against N'Zoth. In the true battle for Azeroth.

Oh, and one last request: Burn this journal. It is time my actions speak for me.

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