Torn Journal Page #7

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  • Torn Journal Page #7
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "A torn-out page from a journal."

Torn Journal Page #7 is provided by Left while on N [120] Spies to the Left and Right.

Objective of


Torn Journal Page #7

As I suspected, little of what the Shen'dralar collected in their archives survived their flight from Eldre'thalas. Still, there was some knowledge to be gleaned from the tomes they were forced to leave behind as they escaped the Horde's aggression.

References to the Old Gods are vague and oblique, existing only as archaeological footnotes from a time before the Sundering. The Shen'dralar, adept in the arcane arts as they were, could not completely unravel the intricacies of the Black Empire's dark magic.

Yet a few of them did dabble in the Void, and the lessons they learned grant me hope that N'Zoth's own power can be wielded against him.

Even in its abandoned state, the library's meticulous organization truly impressed me. If only more of it had remained intact. Such an extensive loss of wisdom is lamentable. The Shen'dralar toiled ceaselessly to collect the librams that lined their bookshelves, only for the lion's share of it to be consumed by the flames of war.

But such is the nature of warfare, is it not? Seldom does it accomplish the intentions of its architects, and never without leaving immeasurable devastation in its wake... especially when the Horde and the Alliance are the forces in conflict. Can one ultimately say that victory is worth the price that must be paid to achieve it?

Perhaps it is, in some cases. But the verdict is not as easily reached as I once thought.

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