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BossPrince Tortheldrin
Image of Prince Tortheldrin
Title <Ruler of the Shen'dralar>
Gender Male
Race(s) Highborne night elf
Level 44 Elite
Health 106,920
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Shen'dralar
Former affiliation(s) Kaldorei Empire
Location The Athenaeum, Dire Maul
Status Alive (Lore), Killable (WoW)

Prince Tortheldrin is a level 44 elite Highborne found in Dire Maul West. He is initially friendly, but turns hostile upon the death of Immol'thar.


Prince Tortheldrin was a loyal servant to Queen Azshara, a Shen'dralar and the leader of the ancient night elven city Eldre'Thalas known today as Dire Maul.

After the destruction of the Well of Eternity many Highborne slipped into lethargy. So it came to pass that Prince Tortheldrin ordered the building of pylons. These pylons should create a force field that could imprison the mighty demon Immol'thar. To feed their hunger for magic the Shen'dralar learned quickly the skill of siphoning the demonic energies of Immol'thar. The energies are used to grant immortality to these Highborne elves.

1,200 years before the opening of the Dark Portal,[1] the powers that imprisoned Immol'thar and controlled the pylons began to wane. So Prince Tortheldrin decided to kill some Highborne to maintain his source of unlimited power. At some point, he also killed the elf Master Kariel Winthalus.

The only way of killing the prince is to destroy the guardians surrounding the pylons to lower the force field. When this is done, destroy Immol'thar. With the Prince's power greatly reduced, you may attack and end him.

Adventure Guide

After the Well of Eternity's destruction, Prince Tortheldrin maintained control over the surviving Shen'dralar by imprisoning a demon in the ruins of Eldre'Thalas and letting his subjects siphon its strength. The exposure to demonic power twisted Tortheldrin's mind, and when the creature faltered, the prince ordered the deaths of many of his vassals so only he and his most fanatical followers would be left to enjoy the corrupt energy.

The Ashbringer

Tortheldrin was implied to have known the location of Ashbringer before Naxxramas was implemented. Furthermore, the Shen'dralar Zealots believed that if someone would defeat Nefarian and tell the tale to Tortheldrin, he would reveal Ashbringer's location, as Tortheldrin had a great interest in Blackwing Lair.[2]


Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

It is presumed that he has been killed in N [44D] The Madness Within, and that a new leader of the Shen'dralar is Mordent Evenshade as the Shen'dralar have recently rejoined the night elves and started to train them as mages.


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

Tortheldrin is alive by the time of the Burning Legion's third invasion and is sought out by the new Highlord of the Silver Hand in order to learn about a book concerning the Ashbringer. Tortheldrin directed them to Alexia Ironknife / Bardu Sharpeye.


  • Ability dualwield.png  Dual Wield Healer Alert — Prince Tortheldrin wields a weapon in each hand.
  • Spell druid thrash.png  Thrash Important Healer Alert — Prince Tortheldrin thrashes, attacking two additional times.
  • Spell arcane blast.png  Arcane Blast — Prince Tortheldrin inflicts Arcane damage to a player and knocks them back.
  • Ability whirlwind.png  Whirlwind — Prince Tortheldrin inflicts Physical damage to all players within 8 yards.
  • Spell frost iceshock.png  Counterspell Damage Dealer Alert Healer Alert — Prince Tortheldrin interrupts the spellcasting of a player and prevents further spellcasting for 15 sec.


Tortheldrin's death is required for the following quests:



When talking to him before angering him

For 10,000 years I have ruled this kingdom. In that time, I have heard many fascinating tales from those that would walk the hallowed grounds of the House of Shen'dralar.

As I am bound to this place, I often exchange stories with visitors. Do you have a story for me or perhaps you would like to hear a story?

After killing Immol'thar
Who dares disrupt the sanctity of Eldre'Thalas? Face me, cowards!
Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.
Corrupted Remembrance - Ashbringer Hidden Artifact Appearance
Gossip Why not both, your highness? I will tell you the tale of the black drake Nefarian's fall, if you would tell me more about this and the Ashbringer.

Ah, yes. I had heard of Nefarian's demise, but it is indeed a treat to see his grisly end firsthand. Were I not stuck in these halls I might pay his lair a visit.

Perhaps one day.

As for my end of our agreement, the tale of the Ashbringer is one of my favorites, of course.

<The Prince glances at your weapon and smiles.>

But it would seem you are familiar with that particular tale.

Gossip What about this book? Can you tell me what it all means?

A human mage gave me a copy of that book many years ago. He kept trying to convince me to help him, going on about something to do with fighting fire with fire.

I cannot leave this place, as you know, so that was the last I saw of the strange fellow. He went off to reunite with his allies, I presume.

You are not the first to inquire about this book, however, I wonder...

Gossip Who else sought you out?

She was a dwarf If I am not mistaken - and I am not often mistaken.

She came here with a copy of that very book, just as you have today, but had no proof of the black drake's death, and so my lips remained sealed. She was quite eager to learn about the Ashbringer's whereabouts.

Perhaps if you found her, she might be able to enlighten you further.


He was a Tauren If I am not mistaken - and I am not often mistaken.

He came here with a copy of that very book, just as you have today, but had no proof of the black drake's death, and so my lips remained sealed. He was quite eager to learn about the Ashbringer's whereabouts.

Perhaps if you found him, he might be able to enlighten you further.

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