Tortured Spirit

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This article is about the Jade Forest mob. For the unreleased death knight talent, see [Tortured Spirit]. For the Vol'dun mob, see Tortured Spirit (Vol'dun).
MobTortured Spirit
Image of Tortured Spirit
Race Shade (Undead)
Level 85
Health 7,987
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Den of Sorrow, Jade Forest
Status Killable

Tortured Spirit is a shade located in the Den of Sorrow in the Jade Forest.


  • Spell shadow deathsembrace.png  Anguish 30 yd range — The anguish of Tortured Spirits inflicts Shadow damage to an enemy target. 3 sec cast.


  • A worthy sacrifice for our master.
  • Darkness awaits...
  • Despair...
  • In the end, only silence remains.
  • The corruption will consume you, as it consumed us...
  • The living are not welcome here!
  • The waters are forbidden to all!
  • You will not take our waters!

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