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Image of Tortusk
Title Battlemaster[1]
Gender Male
Race Quilboar (Humanoid)
Level 13
Health 546
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Razormane tribe
Occupation Leader of Thorn Hill Razormanes
Location Thorn Hill, Northern Barrens [62, 48]
Status Killable

Tortusk is the leader of the Razormane tribe that resides around Thorn Hill. Tortusk travels and fights mounted on his raptor Fez.


After the Cataclysm, many members of the Razormane tribe were lost without a leader and guidance, so many moved north, closer to Horde towns and homesteads in hope of etching out a survival by stealing food and attacking small caravans. Tortusk showed strength among the chaos of the Cataclysm, Razormanes were drawn to this strength and pledged to serve under his banner. He directed them to Thorn Hill, which he believed would provide the Razormanes with the best opportunities to attack nearby Horde encampments and to easily raid caravans traveling from Far Watch Post to the Crossroads. He orders bold attacks on nearby Horde strongholds such as Grol'dom Farm and trade caravans on way to the Crossroads. Elder Mystic Razorsnout is the spiritual leader of Tortusk's tribe of Razormane.[citation needed] 

Objective of

Special abilities

  • Inv misc head quillboar 01.png  Quilboar Rush — Deals weapon damage and knocks target back. 1.4 second cast.


  • These lands will be ours!
  • We Razormane ... must ... survive ...
  • Tortusk barks, grunts, and snorts angry instructions to his followers.


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