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Torvald the Defiant

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Not to be confused with Torvald or Thane Torvald Eriksson.
NeutralTorvald the Defiant
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Gender Male
Race Vrykul (Ghost)
Level 110
Health 2,005,585
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Stormheim
Status Undead

Torvald the Defiant is a vrykul king trapped in his own corpse in Stormheim. The vrykul mystics cursed Torvald for defying him, striking his name from history and marking his grave with a sign called "He Who Shall Not Be Named". Known as the Nameless King, adventurers who find his grave can summon his corpse to battle him. If defeated, the curse is broken and Torvald's spirit rises from his body. He then gives adventurers his everlasting thanks as he rises to the Halls of Valor.


Free! Free from that accursed body!
By besting me in battle, by destroying my body, you have undone the vile curse laid upon me by the mystics.
I go now to the Halls of Valor. You have my everlasting thanks, champion. May you one day die with honor.
Torvald salutes and soon despawns.


  • He previously had a line before his last quote when he said I was the eldest, I was to be king. Not that runt Skovald!, a line that was also said by Voldgar during N [110WQ] Brothers of Skovald. This line was removed, making it unknown if King Torvald was related to God-King Skovald.
  • Skovald also has a son named Torvald, possibly named after his uncle if they are related.

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