Toshe Chaosrender

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NeutralToshe Chaosrender
Image of Toshe Chaosrender
Title <The Earthen Ring>
Gender Male
Race Taunka (Humanoid)
Level 30-35 Elite
Class Shaman
Resource Mana
Affiliation(s) Earthen Ring
Location Shimmering Expanse
Toshe Chaosrender.

Toshe Chaosrender, a member of the Earthen Ring, is a taunka quest giver found in the Shimmering Expanse area within Vashj'ir where he requests the aid of the adventurers with his battle against Zin'jatar naga in the area. He initially sails to the area with the Alliance aboard Voldrin's Hold. He later appears in the Twilight Highlands where he is battling minions of the Old Gods.


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