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Totemic Wrath

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Totemic Wrath
Spell fire totemofwrath.png
  • Totemic Wrath (1 rank)
  • Elemental, Tier 5
  • Causes your Fire totems to increase the spell power of party and raid members within 100 yards by 10%.
Points required


Related buff
Spell fire totemofwrath.png
  • Totemic Wrath
  • Spell power increased by 10%.

Totemic Wrath is a shaman talent in the Elemental tree.


Totemic Wrath applies to ALL Fire Totems, and renders [Flametongue Totem] utterly useless. Other Shaman can safely drop [Searing Totem], [Magma Totem] or [Fire Elemental Totem] depending on the situation if this is present in the group. In addition, Totemic Wrath does not stack with a Demonology Warlock's [Demonic Pact].

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