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Touring the Front (Horde)

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HordeTouring the Front
Start Wistel Silversnitch
End Wistel Silversnitch
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Warfronts
Experience 17,850
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous H [120] To the Front
Next H [120] Back to Zuldazar
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [120] Touring the Front.


Report to Foreman Drogg, Graul, and Flightgineer Krazzle.


The Alliance haven't attacked for a while now. Neither have we, actually. It should be safe to head on out and do some scouting.

Check in with our foremen at the mine and the lumber mill. It'd be good to know that they haven't gone and gotten themselves killed, and the trip should give you a bit of a lay of the land.

Speaking of which, you might also talk to Flightgineer Krazzle. He can give you a quick look at Stromgarde, so you can see what we're up against.


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 17,850 XP


Hey hey.


You're back from your tour? And nobody's been slaughtered by the Alliance? Nice.

Glad you could make it back safely too, <name>.





  1. H [120] The Warfront Looms
  2. H [120] To the Front
  3. H [120] Touring the Front
  4. H [120] Back to Zuldazar

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