Tower (WC1 Orc)

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For lore about mage towers, see Mage tower.


Race Orc
Hit Points 900
Armor 0
Attack Damage N/A
Range N/A
Decay Rate N/A
Production Related
Gold 1400 Gold
Lumber 300 Lumber
Requires Blacksmith
Build time 2000
Unlocked in The Black Morass
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This article contains lore or information taken from Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and/or its manual.

This is where the knowledge of the dark magiks are revealed. Warlocks reside here to focus their energies towards harnessing the forces of the underworld. Their sect demands payment in precious metals for any services they may offer, as it is then converted into the mystic symbols used in their castings. Metal cages in which to place the subjects of their experiments must be constructed, as well as the ornate metal runes that need to be built into the stone floors for their spells of summoning. Only the blacksmith can provide the needed materials and skills required to meet these exacting specifications.[1]


Towers are used to train Warlocks. They also allow you to research their spells.

Upgrades Provided

Research Minor Summoning
Unlocks the spell Summon Spiders
Research Cost Researched At Upgrade Time Unlocked (Campaign)
750 WC1Gold.gif Tower 140 The Black Morass
Research Cloud of Poison
Unlocks the spell Cloud of Poison
Research Cost Researched At Upgrade Time Unlocked (Campaign)
1500 WC1Gold.gif Tower 140 Northern Elwynn Forest
Research Major Summoning
Unlocks the spell Summon Daemon
Research Cost Researched At Upgrade Time Unlocked (Campaign)
3000 WC1Gold.gif Tower 140 Goldshire and Moonbrook

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