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For lore about town halls, see Town hall.
Town Hall
Initial Build Cost


Level 2 Upgrade Cost

200 Garrison Resources

Level 3 Upgrade Cost

2000 Garrison Resources & 5000g




Town Hall Alliance3.jpg

Alliance tier 3 Town Hall

Town Hall Horde3.jpg

Horde tier 3 Town Hall

The Town Hall is constructed along with the garrison during one of the beginning quests in Shadowmoon Valley/Frostfire Ridge, and is the location where missions are taken care of and where buildings are constructed and upgraded. It is a permanent garrison fixture. Upgrading the Town Hall is the mechanism by which the garrison itself is upgraded to Tier 2 and Tier 3.


The central hub of all garrison activity. Access to your Architect and Mission Specialist can be found inside.

Building benefits

Level 1

Unlocks access to a large and small building plot.

Level 2

Unlocks access to a medium and additional small building plot.

Level 3

Unlocks access to an additional large, medium and small building plot. Also grants access to 3 custom monuments and a direct transport to Ashran. Pristine archaeology finds can now be exhibited in the Town Hall.



At level 1
Move inside at level 2
Added at level 2
Added at level 3
Added with a level 3 Barracks
Daily visitors


At level 1
Move in at level 2
Move in at level 3
Added with a level 3 Barracks
Daily visitors


  • The mailbox switches sides of the front steps between the level 2 and level 3 Alliance Town Hall. This is only really noticeable when mailing things between alts in different level garrisons.
  • Serka refers to the town hall in Frostwall as a great hall. As such, the level 3 Horde Town Hall could be a stronghold.


Horde Horde
Alliance Alliance

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