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Townlong Steppes storyline

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Zone map

The Townlong Steppes storyline takes place after the Kun-Lai Summit storyline and the Shado-Pan Monastery. Adventurers cross in to Townlong via the Ox Gate southwest of Winter's Blossom.

Fire Camp Osul

Just on the other side of the wall are Fire Camp Osul and the Longying Outpost, the latter of which was recently taken by the Shado-Pan to serve as a base. Suna Silentstrike, Ban Bearheart, Taoshi, and Taran Zhu, cleansed of his sha corruption, are having a war conference around a bonfire.

Optional breadcrumb: N [89] My Husband... -or- N [88] Beyond the Wall

  1. N [89] A Foot in the Door
  2. N [89] First Assault & N [89] Running Rampant & N [89] Perfect Pitch
  3. N [89] Seeing Red & N [89] Ranger Rescue & N [89] Pitching In
  4. N [89] Jung Duk

After the events at Fire Camp Osul, Suna has run off. Ban and the rest of the Shado-Pan are trailing her footsteps, but stop when they reach Hatred's Vice, the site of a yaungol massacre.

Optional breadcrumb: N [89] In Search of Suna

  1. N [89] Dust to Dust & N [89] Slaying the Scavengers & N [89] Totemic Research & N [89] Last Toll of the Yaungol
  2. N [89] What Lies Beneath
  3. N [89] Hatred Becomes Us & N [89] Spiteful Spirits
  4. N [89] The Point of No Return

After figuring out what happened at Hatred's Vice, Ban sends adventurers forward to the Gao-Ran Battlefront.

On Hatred's Path

A more immediate threat than the Sha of Hatred has been wearing down the Gao-Ran Battlefront of late: the mantid. Gao-Ran the Tempered's Shado-Pan have been worked to the bone, and some haven't slept in days. What's worse, the mantid are getting through.

Optional breadcrumb: N [89] Gao-Ran Battlefront

  1. N [89] Behind the Battlefront
  2. N [89] Treatment for the Troops
  3. N [89] Unwelcome Intruders
  4. N [89] Breach in the Defenses & N [89] The Restless Watch
  5. N [89] Returning from the Pass
  6. N [89] The Endless Swarm & N [89] Back on Their Feet & N [89] Rummaging Through the Remains
  7. N [89] Improvised Ammunition
  8. N [89] Cutting the Swarm
  9. N [89] Terror of the Dread Wastes

The Sha of Hatred

Immediate threat taken care of, Taran Zhu and Taoshi take off toward Dusklight Hollow to get closer to the Sha of Hatred. It made it through first, though, as the hollow has been destroyed and what's left of the defenders are all down at the Dusklight Bridge trying to fend off another mantid swarm.

Optional breadcrumb: N [89] Along the Southern Front

  1. N [89] Enraged By Hatred & N [89] Taking Stock
  2. N [89] Joining the Fight
  3. N [89] Up In Flames
  4. N [89] The Taking of Dusklight Bridge

After pushing the mantid back in to the Dread Wastes across the Dusklight Bridge, Taran Zhu adds Lao-Chin the Iron Belly to the party as they move forward to Rensai's Watchpost, intent on adding Hawkmaster Nurong to finish off the sha-hunting party.

Optional breadcrumb: N [89] Joining the Hunt

  1. N [89] In Skilled Hands
  2. N [89] Hostile Skies
  3. N [89] Devastation Below
  4. N [89] Heroes of the Shado-Pan
  5. N [89] Buried Beneath
  6. N [89] Taoshi and Korvexxis & N [89] Lao-Chin and Serevex & N [89] Nurong and Rothek
  7. N [89] The Sha of Hatred

This concludes the main Sha of Hatred storyline. Just north of Sik'vess is the Shado-Pan Garrison, which has a flight path and starts Tai Ho's Investigation.

The Mistlurkers in the Sumprushes

Optional breadcrumb: N [89] A Delicate Balance

  1. N [89] A Spear Through My Side, A Chain Through My Soul
  2. N [89] The Torches
  3. N [89] Golgoss & N [89] Arconiss
  4. N [89] The Death of Me
  5. N [89] Golgoss Hungers & N [89] Arconiss Thirsts & N [89] Orbiss Fades
  6. N [89] Mists' Opportunity

Tai Ho's Investigation

  1. N [89] The Motives of the Mantid & N [89] Set the Mantid Back
  2. N [89] The Wisdom of Niuzao
  3. N [89] Niuzao's Price
  4. N [89] The Terrible Truth & N [89] Give Them Peace & N [89] A Trail of Fear

Shado-Pan finale

At exalted with the Shado-Pan, a short-and-sweet quest chain opens up at the Shado-Pan Garrison to wrap up the mogu storyline in Townlong Steppes:

  1. N [90] Mogu Incursions
  2. N [90] Surprise Attack!


Two sets of level-90 daily quests are offered in Townlong. One set, involving the Shado-Pan at the Shado-Pan Garrison, is offered daily. The other set, involving Niuzao Temple, is not offered every day--only one of the four August Celestials temples will be questable each day.

Shado-Pan Garrison

Niuzao Temple