Tracking the Worldvein

Neutral 32.pngTracking the Worldvein
Uncharted Isle
Level 120 (800) Rare!
Duration 4 days
Followers 3
Type Azerite Essence Treasure
Enemies Azerite Behemoth
Incandescent Azergem Crystalback
Pulsing Azerite Geode
Cost 300 Inv faction warresources.png
Champion XP 500
Bonus Chest Inv glowingazeritecrystal.png [Fluctuating Worldvein]


Now that we have the compass we are ready to proceed with the expedition to find the next Worldvein. Based on the bearing it appears we must venture deep into uncharted seas, prepare for a long expedition.



Your followers will gain:

  • 500 follower XP
You will receive:
Inv glowingazeritecrystal.png [Fluctuating Worldvein]


  1. Both 15.png [120] Worldvein Rumors
  2. WarCampaignMission Treasure Map.png Investigating the Rumors
  3. WarCampaignMission Treasure Map.png Finding a Key
  4. WarCampaignMission Treasure Map.png Tracking the Worldvein

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