Trained Fire Hawk

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NeutralTrained Fire Hawk
Image of Trained Fire Hawk
Race Fire hawk (Elemental)
Level 85
Location The Furnace, Molten Front

Trained Fire Hawks are Fire hawks that have been trained by Morthis Whisperwing and the Guardians of Hyjal. Their life cycle is very rapid; the one you are given to ride is only two days old yet is full grown.


Vehicle This creature can be mounted.


  • 1) Spell mage flameorb.png  Flame Burst 100 yd yd range — Launches a massive concentration of flame at a group of enemies, dealing 23125 to 26875 Fire damage and knocking them back. (5 sec cooldown)
  • 2) Spell fire meteorstorm.png  Flame Seed 100 yd yd range — Plants a series of flame seeds on enemy targets, detonating for 259000 to 301000 fire damage after 4 seconds or on significant impact. (1 sec cooldown)
  • 6) Achievement zone firelands.png  Return to the Furnace — Prompts the Fire Hawk to return to its trainer at the Furnace.

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