Traitors Among Us

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AllianceTraitors Among Us

34 (Requires 36)


3500 (or 19s 80c at 70)


+250 Stormwind


A [35] Propaganda War


Confront 5 Deserter Agitators in Theramore.

  • Deserter Agitator Exposed (5)


It's good to meet you, <class>. I've come to Theramore to help eliminate the problem of the deserters. Not only have some of the men abandoned their posts, but some have filtered back into the town.

These deserter agents are spreading lies and propaganda, hoping to convince others to join their ranks.

They're at virtually every guard post throughout the town and the docks. Find them, expose them, and discredit them. At this point, anything more risks inspiring more sympathy for them.


You will receive: 40s.


Have you driven the deserter agents from Theramore?


Well done, <name>. I think we managed to catch them off guard. Their agents probably thought themselves safe within the city walls.

Given time, the agitators will return and spread their lies again. We'll use the time you've bought to shut out the deserters further.


Speak with any Deserter Agitator.

You seem like a sensible <class>, friend. Do you remember the glory days of Theramore, back before Jaina made us give up the fight against the Horde? Are you sick of being told to stay your blade while the orcs continue to provoke us?

Gossip Your propaganda won't work on me. Spout your treasonous filth elsewhere, traitor!
  • It's people like you who weaken the Alliance and invite the Horde to take away all we've fought for!
  • You can't stop us from exposing the truth about Jaina's cowardice!
  • These people will know Admiral Proudmoore for the true hero he was!
  • If you think you can stop us, you're mistaken, 'friend.'

The Deserter Agitator will then either attack or run away.


  1. A [34] Traitors Among Us
  2. A [35] Propaganda War
  3. A [36] Discrediting the Deserters
  4. A [36] The End of the Deserters

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